Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake is a real human-made wonder wondrous. The Hawa Mahal and Ruthi Rani k a mahal is located in the hill district as well as the Jaisamand wildlife shrine or Jaisamand Island Resort are also located. A new chapter in Udaipur is beginning to unfold at Jaisamand River.

The lake of Jaisamand is 36 square kilometers (93 km2) long. Lake Jaisamand is 14 kilometers long, 9 kilometers wide and 102 feet deep. The lake is about 30 miles inland. A monumental dam is constructed on the 1202-foot long lake, 116-foot-high, and 70-foot-wide, with a Lord Shiva temple in the middle.

There are three islands in this huge lake. The tribes of Bhil Minas are one of the islands in this lake. Both the other two large islands are recognized jointly by the name of Baba ka Magra, while the smaller islands are recognized as ‘Piari.’ The resort Jaisamand Island is one of Asia’s most expensive and luxurious hotel resorts.

The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is widely dispersed around the lake. The Sanctuary of Jaisamand Wildlife stretches over 62 sq. Kilometers. This sanctuary was established in 1957, earlier used as a hunting reserve. It was developed in the dry shape of leafy wood, Kathiawar Gir. Animals and birds from around the world are heading to Jaisamand Lake to find a safe climate.

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Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur


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