Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

If the replica of the fort is to be seen, as seen in the “Arabian Night” TV cartoon, then Fort Jaisalmer is the venue. Fortified fort Jaisalmer is one of the biggest fortresses in the world, the most prominent monument in Jaisalmer district. In comparison to Rajasthan other fortresses, Jaisalmer fort houses museums, stores, restaurants, housing units, hotels, etc.

One of the few live monuments in the world and home to a fourth of the town’s population, the Jaisalmer Fort. The sunset view from this fortified fort is a treat for all travelers, and photographers in particular. Jaisalmer Fort is commonly referred to as Sonar Kila, as it is made of sandstone gold. Early in the morning, as the first sunrays hit the field, the fort looks golden. In the fairy tales, the Jaisalmer fort looks like a palace surrounding Jaisalmer’s colorful small town.

The highlight of the fort is the royal Palace (Raj Mahal), the temples in Jain and the temple in Laxminath. The fort is designed according to the current standards of Rajasthan and has a red and yellow background in the area.

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Jaisalmer Fort


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