Jain Glass Temple (Kanch ka Mandir)


Kanpur is a famous city in North India. It is located near Lucknow which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and also a famous city of India. Kanpur is famous for its industries. The industrialists have also built some of the most beautiful temples of India in Kanpur to make it a great tourist attraction. One such temple which draws people in large number is Jain Glass Temple.

Jain glass temple was built by the Jain community in the memory of their founder Bhagwan Mahavir and other Tirthankars. There are 24 Tirthankars in Jainism. It is a beautiful structure made with white marble, glass and enamel. The temple has statues of all the Tirthankars under the canopies and these statues stand on a marble platform.

The architecture of the temple is simply amazing. The walls and ceiling are beautifully decorated with paintings and mirror work. The temple is located in Maheshwari Mahal near Kamla tower. The temple is a great example of exquisite mirror work and exceptional designs. There are murals on the wall which are made with stained glass and educate people about the teachings mentioned in Jain scriptures. It is a major tourist attraction for visitors both from inside the city as well as from outside.

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Tips before Visiting

Wear appropriate clothing, avoiding shorts, short skirts, etc.
Remove shoes before entering the temple.
The parking area is limited.
Donations are only accepted from followers of Jainism.

How To Reach Jain Glass Temple

The Jain Glass Temple at General Ganj Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is located at a walking distance of 1 kilometer from Kanpur Central, the nearest railway station.

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Jain Glass Temple (Kanch ka Mandir)


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