Jagannath Temple, Nahan


The Jagannath Temple in Nahan resembles the structure of the original Puri Temple in Odisha. It is a very prominent site here and attracts many people to its center. People may be visiting out of curiosity but the temple’s importance in the local people are higher than that.

The main deity of the temple is Lord Neel Madhav.

In 1681, the then King Budh Prakash built it as per following his dream. It is said that the deity himself appeared in the king’s dream and asked to replace him to a temple from the base of the Pipal tree.

Bawan Dwadashi is a popular festivity celebrated in Nahan. During this celebration, almost 52 idols from the local temples are being carried out to the Jaggannath temple in a procession. Later, they have been drifted in the water with all the rituals. They will be restored to their original temples by night.

It is a good opportunity for visitors to get to know the culture and heritage of Nahan.

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Jagannath Temple, Nahan


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