Indo-Pak Border, Jaisalmer

Indo-Pak Border

If you are interested in a little patriotism, take a trip to Jaisalmer on this wonderful border tour. A visit to the border of Indo-Pak is one of Jaisalmer’s most exotic stuff. The place is near Tanot Mata temple and is allowed to be accessed by the Indian Armed Forces with prior permission.

Find out the border crossings between India and Pakistan at Lounge wala and Tanot. Start your tour around 9 AM and continue to the border points and meet some of the Indian military’s brave soldiers and visit Tanot Border Post at the beautiful and famous temple.

Go to Indira Gandhi Canal and have a delicious Rajasthani lunch at about 1.30 pm. Take care of other memories.

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Indo-Pak Border, Jaisalmer


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