Har Deva Ji Temple

Har Deva Ji Temple

If you have planned a trip to Mathura then don’t forget to visit Har Deva Ji Temple. This temple found in Govardhan Hill holding religious values. It is located 23 km away from Mathura. This historical temple is recognized as the biggest miracle of lord Krishna with a peaceful ambiance. Tourists love this temple for their inner peace. This temple is associated with an asomatous history as per scriptures.

Worshippers across the world visit this place with spiritual holy beauty. Devotees attract to this divine site to enhance historical knowledge and eternal happiness.

Why one should visit Har Devi Ji?

  • The devotees deliberately visit Har Deva Ji to take a bath in the Mansi Ganga River blessings.
  • visit this holy place dedicated to Lord Krishna to pray for family-being.
  • If you fond of history and spiritual then this temple is a must-visit to enhance knowledge about Hindu traditions and mythology
  • The faith of getting inner peace by performing around the temple parikrama

History of Har Deva Ji temple:

Tourists are curious about the history correlated with Har deva ji. According to sacred writings; Once Radha Rani along with other Gopis was waiting for their idolized lord Krishna on the Bank of the river named Mansi Ganga. After waiting for a long time when he did not come then they started reciting the name of Harideva to plead their lord.

Hearing this heart-touching voice, lord Krishna appears in front of them in the form of a lovely child with a flute and Govardhan hill carrying on his right hand and left hand respectively. Looking toward this beautiful appearance of Krishna as a small boy makes Radha rani and other Gopis so happy that they starting coming daily to that site to sing devotional songs.

How can you plan your trip to Har Deva Ji Temple?

Visit Har Deva Ji Temple, built via Raja Bhagnadas from Jaipur during the 16th century. It is an old historical temple located in Govardhan Mountain. You can easily reach there without any transportation issues. There are other nearby places and local attractions like Girihraj Maharaj Ji temple, Kusum Sarovar. Discover local attractions including beautifully maintained hotels and resorts with incredible delicacies for a better peace experience.

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Har Deva Ji Temple


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