Hamta Pass


Hamta Pass is one of the favorite destinations for backpackers. Its name is closely associated with the name of Hamta Village, in Himachal Pradesh. Naturally occupying an altitude of 4270 meters, the Hamta pass offers a moderate level trekking of neither risky nor simple. This pass is otherwise a normal path used by shepherds of the region too.

It is an apt place to enjoy the snow with fewer crowds. The best part of experimenting with Hamta Pass is the sudden weather shift.
Its base camp is at Manali and the trail picks the trekkers to the headwaters up to Chandra river in Lahaul. In the initial phase, we are taken through lush green pastures where the local tribe gaddis can be seen. Trekking alongside rivers and passing of waterfalls and camping up in beautiful grasslands will certainly mesmerizing.

In the second phase, we approach Hamta Pass and it put forward a moderate challenge upon us. Depending upon the climate, one may even have to walk under the snow to the top. This might take 8 hours so and steeply descend into a grassland. This will be a lifetime memory.

The relatively easy last stage will be in Lahaul Valley and it will end up in Chandratal Lake, one of the best naturally preserved lake in the country.

The Hamta Pass trekking demonstrates the various topographical changes in nature in front of the eyes. As starting from the green grassy valley and passing into a semi-arid land is simply thrilling. This Hamta trekking involves passing over rivers, night camping in the midst of the wilderness and sometimes a steady walk for hours completely depends upon the weather changes. It is like experiencing the paradise on earth and it will definitely fill your soul with grace.

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Hamta Pass


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