Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the most famous Sikh pilgrimage site in Connaught place in Delhi that also serves as the tourists’ attraction. The temple was made in the name of Guru Harkishan Sahib, the eighth guru of Sikh community and formerly was a residence of the Raja Jai Singh. The Gurudwara complex has a prayer hall where the holy book of the Sikhs is placed and it also contains a water tank, a museum, a library and a hospital. Tourists’ of every religion come and are served with the blessed meal.

Visit for an extremely spiritual experience

The visitors in the temple are required to cover their heads whether male or female. The gurudwara follows the same ritual every day since morning till the end of the day feeding a large number of devotees working in the temple with the food. It remains open every day of the year 24/7 for visitors.

  • Visitors can attend prayer sessions at a different time of the day to have the spiritual experience and seek the blessings of the supreme.
  • Visit the museum and gallery inside the gurudwara premises to learn about the history and struggles of the Sikhism.
  • Enjoy the stunning beauty of a large pond inside the gurudwara especially during the sunrise and sunset.
  • Enjoy the Langar or meal of the temple which is served in the form of ‘Prasad’ to all the devotees, volunteers and visitors every day.
  • You can also extend your stay at the gurudwara by booking a room at the ‘Yatri Niwas’ for more experiences.

There are lots of attractions, cathedrals and shopping complexes near the Gurudwara where you can pay a visit and have a dining experience at the restaurant in the heart of Delhi. This is a must-visit place for the you during your trip in the capital.

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Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


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