Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari is one of the most prominent sights in Dalhousie which is accessible without any fee. It is located in the Bakrota hills on the Pathankot road. Ganji Pahari can be considered as a little paradise for trekking lovers. Especially for the people who are very much new to this. As it does not make any hazardous trekking experience people of all ages can go for trekking there.

The name Ganji Pahari is quite apt to this place because it clearly envisages the bald-headed top of the hill. Normally, most of the provinces in Dalhousie are crowded with deodar trees and pines. But as far as Ganji Pahari is concerned there is a clear absence of trees on top of it. At the same time this peculiarity gifts you a clear site of surrounding hills and cliffs.

Winter is the ideal time for trekking to Ganji Pahari than summer. Even though it is unlocked for 24 hours, visiting during day time is more advisable. The picturesque sight of snow-crowned mountains during sunrises and dusk is literally a pennyworth experience.

The Ganji Pahari is one kilometer away from Panchpula so one can start trekking from there. Otherwise beginning in Dalhousie, which is at a distance of 5kilo meter from Ganji Pahari is also worth experimenting with. From both, the site guides are available for assisting the visitor. All these salient features and advantages of Ganji Pahari together makes it a perfect place for touring with friends or family.

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Ganji Pahari


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