Fishing, Kullu

Fishing in Kullu

Fishing is the conventional activity that most people do as an occupation but now it has become a famous tourists’ activity that people prefer doing for fun and entertainment. There are many spots in Kullu that are the best fit and quite popular for fishing in Kullu valley. There are plenty of rivers and water bodies in Kullu that are full all-around the year and are sourced from the snow. And there is always an unusual fun in doing fishing close to nature.

Indulge in fishing at a Place Close to Nature

There are many regions in Kullu where the tourists can enjoy fishing amid nature with the help of locals. The tourists can take up fishing alongside the rivers such as Naggar, katrain, Kasol, Larji and Rasion that are the ideal place for fishing. The fishing, angling and lots of other activities that you can do at these places.

  • Tourists enjoy fishing at these spots and also try their hands on various marine animals.
  • Try to get indulge in fishing for not just for fun but also set some goals to catch big fishes and feel satisfied with your achievement.
  • You can also enjoy the picturesque, green meadows and snow-capped peaks and enhance the experience to manifolds.
  • Take your camera along and capture your fun moments to reminisce in the future.

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Fishing, Kullu


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