Film City, Mumbai


If you are curious to know where the home of Bollywood is, it has to be in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. Film City, which comprises of about 20 indoor studios. Often regarded the home of Bollywood, this place is so huge that it can lead to the erection of about 1000 film sets at the same time. Over so many years, Film City has been the location for several Bollywood film. Nearly more than 900 movies as well as television shows have been shot here.

At the present time, Film City has grown to be the one of the finest studios for films. It is laden with all the necessary amenities and top-notch facilities. Aside from being a great place to shoot films, it is also packed with lush greenery.

Nothing can deny the mystery that filmmaking holds on all of us. You can even pay a visit to sets that represent foreign locations in this town. How does it feel to learn different shades of acting at when you take a live movie shoot tour? The feeling cannot be expressed in mere words.


If we talk about the amenities provided by The Film City, it seems so clear why many renowned film makers and directors look no further than this massive studio. It comes equipped with exclusive spaces where one can easily shoot indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, it comprises of a myriad of amenities you may not find at other shooting locations. Some of them include recording room, lakes, garden, fighting ground, and so on. The major highlights of The Film City, Mumbai are fake lakes, mountains, picnic spots, garden houses, villages, and cities, which are crucial for shooting.

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Film City, Mumbai


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