Fatehpuri Masjid


Fatehpuri Masjid is among the famous mosque of Delhi built during the reign of Mughals by Shah Jahan in the name of his wife Fatehpuri Begum. The mosque is located at the western end of Chandni Chowk and was built in the year 1650. It is an epitome of the art of Mughal architecture as it is entirely made of red stone and features the domes and magnificent minarets that add elegance to its beauty. With the large prayer hall in the middle, it also contains the seven archways that are beautifully designed.

Spiritual Significance of the Mosque

The temple has a great tomb inside the temple that belongs to Sheikh Salim Chisti who was a famous Sufi Saint. Devotees visit the mosque and tie their threads on the frame structure inside the mosque and ask wishes for their diverse needs. It is a religious attraction where tourists come to offer prayers and witness the remarkable work of art of ancient times.

  • The masjid boasts the three main gates, one of which opens opposite the road of Red Fort and the other two on the North and the South.
  • The site is beautifully decorated twice in a year on the occasion of Id and become an appealing sight that attracts visitors and devotees who come to offer prayers and celebrate the festivals.
  • The mosque has twenty graves of famous Islamic saints at the centre of the courtyard and a large tank that is used for washing feet, face and hands before entering the main temple.
  • The mosque is the religious & holy site for the Muslims where they gather to offer prayers and meet & greet each other on special occasions.

For many years, visitors have been coming to this site owing to the spirituality and glorifying history of the mosque that attracts tourists. It is a lovely religious site to get some blessings from the divine power.

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Fatehpuri Masjid


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