Kurfi is one of the enchanting tourist spots in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. In local dialect the word kufr means lake. It is from this base word that the name Kufri is taken from. There are many places to tour in Kufri, but Fagu takes a greater interest than the rest. Fagu is about 20 kilometers away from the capital town Shimla.

Fagu dwells at the beginning of the Hindustan Tibetan Road. It gets at around 2500 kilometers height and usually seen as covered by cloud. This cloudy amb owes it the name Fagu which stands for fog in the local dialect.

Fagu situates in between two ravines. Nothing but an easy walk around in between the potato and apple fields will deliver you a soothing effect rather than an enjoyable moment. Many sports celebrations are organized here during winter. Don’t think that Fagu is only treasurable during the winter season. This Himalayan hamlet is the highest point in that area. So the highest altitude provides the modest weather in every season. Hence it wraps the visitors with cool weather even in the hectic summer days too. It is an outstanding summer cakewalk place for everyone at its board. The lovely ambiance of Apple orchards and the reasonable weather makes it a perfect spot for tourists.

Activities to do in Fagu

The place has a tourist’s bungalow at the top that faces the Giri valley offering tourists the spectacular views from the peak. You can spend a relaxing holiday watching all the breathtaking peaks of Himachal from here and enjoy the unparalleled beauty.

  • The place hosts the winter sports festival because of its ski routes in the month of February that offers unlimited adventure and fun.
  • The travellers can take a playful trek route to reach the Chharabra while there are shorts ride route are also available.
  • You can also visit the village Fagu to spend a day out with your family since it serves as a picnic spot for travellers.
  • You can take a walk to forests and apple orchards and enjoy the sightseeing amid the beautiful region.
  • There will be skating, sliding and bike ride activities are available for the travellers.

Access Information

Nearest Airport -Shimla (18 kms), Chandigarh (140 kms), Kullu (205 kms)
Nearest Railway Station – Shimla (18 kms), Shoghi (35 kms), Kandaghat (55 kms)

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