Elephanta Caves


If you are looking to embark on your journey leading to the hidden world of rock-cut caves, heading to Elephanta Caves is what you should be doing. Tucked away in a deserted island locally known as “Gharapuri (the city of caves)”, Elephanta Caves is one of the most popular tourist attractions regarded as UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are primarily seven caves where you can examine the real excellence of ancient architecture of India.

What to See

Well, there are seven cave excavations in the Elephanta Group. All the carvings, sculpture, and engraved arts will leave you awestruck with their charm and magnificence. Here some of the things worth exploring:

  • A figure of Ardhanarisvara, a form of Siva with the amalgamated energies of both male and female.
  • Lord Shiva depicted in the Shivalingam form in the enormous image is worthy of your visit.
  • Other sculptures near the entrances commemorate the Lord’s achievements. Shivalingam, Gangadhara, Trimurti, Kalyansundara, Uma Maheswara, and Ardhanarisara sculptures – all are the forms of Lord himself. Each one of them is superbly sculpted in the various areas of the caves.
  • You can find a small group of caves on the Stupa Hill, which have Buddhist images.

It takes a one hour ride by ferry from the City of Dreams, as the island lies in the middle of Arabian Sea. Inside the caves you will find Hindu rock art and Buddhist rock art. In the form of engraved art, you will come across Lord Shiva being worshipped. Moreover, there are several various splendid carvings and figurines, which are dedicated to the Hindu Lord.

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Elephanta Caves


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