Dune Bashing, Jaisalmer

Dune Bashing

The Jaisalmer dune bashing tour is a thrilling journey through Rajasthan dunes, an experience in which visitors ride high-speed. Wild safaris and the finest Indian dunes are popular in the Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer, which attracts junkies every winter. The dunes of Sam are approximately 45 miles from Jaisalmer and are in the middle of the Thar Desert. It is five kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide.

The dunes of Jaisalmer can be explored in two ways. Whilst purists still prefer the traditional one on camels, the new generation enjoys the modern fast SUV ride. The camel tour will be lead to snow dunes and will take a little group of tourists back and forth with a comfortable pace on the SUV tour of the dunes, as it is done in powerful SUV sports cars like Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner who can travel quickly on shifting sand without getting stuck. A seasoned guide with years of road experience will lead the camel tour.

Camel tours of the dunes of sand often lead to pictures of the glorious Sun, set behind the dunes and escape the wind. Shortly before sunrise and sunset. The camels’ slow walk through the sand with their clumsy gait can make you feel like they are riding along with a lonely boat on a voyage. Traveling under the desert sun in mid-afternoon is safer so that people and animals can relax in this season. In the evenings when the sun sets and the backdrop is swirling dances and music, at the end of the Jaisalmer dune bashing tour you almost feel like a decadent kingdom.

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Dune Bashing, Jaisalmer


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