Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Desert Festival

Thanks to the bright colors and music that the Desert Festival brings to life once a year in the Winter, the sands of the Jaisalmer region. The people of desert dance, clad in dazzling hued costumes, sing eerie ballads of bravery, passion, and tragedy. Snake charmers, puppet makers, acrobats and folk makers are at the fair. Camels will naturally be the key figure in the festival, where the rich and colorful folk culture of Rajasthan will be evident. The festival ends in the center of the dunes with enchanting light and sound.

For the annual desert festival, the fort Jaisalmer offers an ethereal backdrop. The Festival is a festive festival of cultural performance and innovation arts from Rajasthan, funded by the Rajasthan National Tourism Corporation.

Like the major Rajasthan festivals, there is no myth about the desert festival. It was produced but the desert musical practices are so fascinating that it was almost possible to retain the musical festival. The Festival of Music in Salzburg also influenced him – but in nature and content, it was completely different. All cities exude music and have a strong touristic inflow. But the shows of the Jaisalmer Festival are not ticketed, unlike the Salzburg Festival. This has been planned to encourage tourism in the mysterious Thar Desert, funded by the State Tourism Corporation.

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Desert Festival Jaisalmer


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