Dagshai, Kasauli


It is at an altitude of 1734 meter that is Dagshai, one of the oldest townships in Solan district Himachal Pradesh can be reached. It is otherwise known as Dag-E-Shahi and owes its name to the Daagh-e-Shahi during the Mughal time, which signifies the royal marking on the forehead of criminals before sending them to the then known place as Dagshai.

Dagshai village was formed in 1847 by the British Government. The village formed out of five villages adjourned from the Maharaja of Patiala naming Dabbi, Badhtiala, Chunawad, Jwag, and Dagshai. The name Dagshai was given to cantonment because it was the largest among them.

It is the historical importance of Dagshai that attracts people to pay a visit here. Originally it was built for accommodating tuberculosis patients. Now there is a small civilian town and two schools occupied most of its portion.
Dagshai Central Jail was the execution ground for a number of Irish freedom fighters and with this incident that the jail came into popular knowledge. Mahatma Gandhi was infuriated and he came for an on-spot inquiry into the place. Now the jail has been turned into a military office.

In addition to the historical importance, there are many picnic spots here. The view it offers to Panchkula and Tr Rail Resorts are additions to the charm of this place. As the place has witnessed many martyrdom’s there a British model cemetery too.

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Dagshai, Kasauli


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