Colaba Causeway


While Mumbai boasts of its several sightseeing spots and other tourist attractions worthy of one’s visit, Colaba Causeway has its own charm and distinctiveness that you won’t be able to resist. Officially called Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, it happens to be one of the most stimulating and diverse places to explore in town.

Well-known for being a shopper’s paradise, ask any local you bump into and they will tell you that Colaba Causeway is the heart of Mumbai. If you are plan to visit Mumbai for business or pleasure, a visit to this street side shopping destination is something you won’t even think about.

Things to Do and See at Colaba Causeway

There are many reasons why Colaba Causeway has long been enticing locals and tourists. Even after the terror attacks back in 2008, it did not take much time to stand up on its feet. You will find yourself spoilt for choice, as shopping is the main reason why people in thousands flock to this destination. Take a stroll through the footpaths and you can find a number of items, such as shoes, clothes, jewelry, and purses.

Aside from going on a shopping spree, you can find various food items that will tantalize your senses.  From street clothes to chic boutiques, there is something for everyone. It, fact, welcomes people from all walks of life and embraces them with arms wide open.

Colaba Causeway is home to some of the most popular restaurants in town, such as Bademiya, Café Mondegar and Café Leopold. Located close by are some of the magnificent landmarks, including Sassoon Dock, Taj Mahal Hotel, and Afghan Church.

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Colaba Causeway


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