Bijli Mahadev Temple, Kullu


The Bijli Mahadev in Kullu is a well-known temple spot in Himachal Pradesh. The river Beas goes up to the Bijli Mahadev Hill in a zig-zag path and nourishes it. Perhaps no one would imagine that there is a temple in the top of the hill surrounded by all the pleasures of a beautiful gifted valley.

The temple stays at a height of around 2500 km from the sea level. In order to get their one should climb more than 1000 steps. The temple’s architectural style is a typical Pahari with a sharp horizontal post of 60 ft in front.

In Bijli Mahadev temple as the name shows the God Shiva is worshipped. Mahadeva is another name of God Shiva and Shiva Linga is the idol here. As per Hindu mythology, He is a God of destruction. This destructive power in order to save truth is envisaged in the festival here.

The Bijli temple situated in a lightning prone area. But the lightning itself is closely associated with the customs and rituals of this temple. The needle-like a post in front of the temple is believed to have to attract the lightning into the idol of Shiva Linga and break it into pieces. On the very next day, the priest will join into an idol using fresh ghee.

Apart from all of these religious things, there are many more attractions here. One is the enchanting view from the hill to the mighty Parvati mountain and Kullu valley. If you are interested in knowing the local cultural heritage of this place taking part in the Desrah festival. It is a popular festivity here, that has been celebrated by the native Gaddi people in the Kullu valley along with the tourists.

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Bijli Mahadev Temple, Kullu


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