Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan


Himachal Pradesh is called Dev Bhoomi because there are many temples in the state. Bhimakali Temple is a famous temple situated in Sarahan in Himachal Pradesh. It is also called the jewel of the Himalayas because it is beautifully constructed and has great relevance in Hindu mythology. There are many anecdotes behind the construction of this temple. It is also considered as a Shaktipeeth as it is believed that ear of Goddess Sati fell here.

This grand temple was constructed around 800 years back and the architecture is simply marvelous and is unique in the entire Himalayan region. There are three courtyards in the temple and they have huge shikhars which look imposing. The entrance gates are beautifully carved and attractive. The temple has intricate and affluent carvings in wood and silver which look amazing. These carvings can be seen on the entire temple complex. The entrance gates have silver and gold plating on them which shows the grandeur of the temple.

The temple is made up of stone and wood and represents the culture of the local area and people. The temple is located in the centre of the town. Apart from this amazing temple, there are many other beautiful places that you can visit in Sarahan. There are many apple orchards, picturesque houses and a bird sanctuary. You will feel eternal peace and satisfaction at this place and forget all the worries of your life.

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Bhimakali Temple, Sarahan


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