Beas Kund


There is a paradise-like an end for the backpacker’s, namely The Beas Kund. At a height of 3700 meters, the Beas Kund dwells like a queen guarded by rocky mountains.

One may wonder whether a water body is worth seeing after tiresome trekking of 8 or 9 hours. But a virgin alpine lake in a lush meadow conserved by three gigantic mount hilltops is a leisure treat for the eyes as well as the minds of the beholder. It is from this emerald lake, that the river Beas emerges.

It was named in accordance with the belief that the Hindu sage Vyasa took bath in it while he meditated there. Hence the river originates from this lake was named Beas.

The Beas Kund Trekking starts from Solang Nallah and passes through many more small and large hills and mounts. The climb starts at 8000 feet trek up to 12000 feet is by no means a simple one.

The Pir Panjal peaks stand as the immobile shields to the lush grass and from beneath it a virgin water body emerges and forms the emerald lake. The great ambiance is quite worth experiencing for the soul of travel lovers.

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Beas Kund


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