Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple

The Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is the holy temple of Lord Krishna where the idol of his childhood playing flute is installed. The worshipers from around the country, especially from North-west India, visit the temple owing to their utmost faith in Lord Krishna. The name of the temple denotes the image of Lord Krishna playing the flute in a posture that reflects his pleasure & enjoyment.

The Beauty of the Temple

It is one of the most religious sites in India that offers a wonderful experience to the travellers. The temple has a history of construction in the year 1864 and has become one of the most-visited temples in Vrindavan due to its significance among the devotees.

  • The temple is beautifully designed with Rajasthani architecture and remains open for the visitors all days a week.
  • The travellers from all over the country come to see the divine presence of Lord Krishna and offer their thanks and prayers.
  • You can visit the temple anytime between sunrise to sunset and witness the devotion and love among the devotees for Sri Krishna.
  • The temple is built in old-style architecture but maintains its magnificence that visitors follow the long queue to see the glimpse of the idol of Lord Krishna.

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Banke Bihari Temple


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