Arki Palace, Arki

Arki Palace, Arki

Arki is a small town situated near 38 kilometres from Shimla in Solan district. It is a hidden gem for the travellers who travel in Himachal Pradesh or want to go to Shimla. Arki is a picturesque town located at a height of 4100 feet above sea level. There are many small and beautiful temples in this town which are visited by many people around the year. The main attraction of the area is Arki Palace.

Arki was the capital ancient state of Baghal. The state was founded in 1650 and the Arki was declared it’s capital. The fort has always attracted visitors who have an interest in history and it has beautiful wall paintings which showcase the art of that era. It is a two-storey building and the architecture is a mix of Mughal and Rajput style. It is a huge palace and the painting and frescos depict the lifestyle and events of that era.

The fort is now a residence of the descendants of the erstwhile king. They have maintained the fort in good shape and a part of is now converted in a resort. So you have the option of spending a night here and experiencing the lifestyle of kings and become a witness to the amazing art of that era. As the place is conveniently located near Shimla, you can visit that as well and have a complete tour package.

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Arki Palace, Arki


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