Arbuda Devi Temple, Mount Abu

Arbuda Devi Temple

Temple Arbuda Devi is considered the most sacred place of pilgrimage in Mount Abu and bears witness to Rajasthan’s rich architectural heritage. The legend says, ‘Adhar’ the deity fell, and the temple was found suspended in the middle air as Adhar Devi’s temple is also called. The embodiment of Katyayani Devi is known as Arbuda Devi. The Temple is a favorite place for Hindu pilgrimage and during the Navratri season, it is swarming with devotees. With a steep climb of 365, you will get to the temple of Arbuda Devi every day in a year that may be a challenging ascent, but it is worthwhile because you get an entire look at the town from the top. It can be seen from the top.

Many historians think that Parmar’s rulers originated from ‘Agnikund’ at Mount Abu, that’s why Arbuda Devi is now Parmar Kshatriyas’ Ancient Goddess. Dhoodh Baori is believed to have celestial powers, a holy well of milk-colored water near the temple of Adhar Devi. The locals take Kamadhenu (Sacred Cow), as well as its shape, into account, and the well is the temple’s main water source. The temple is constructed on a big solid rock and the inner sanctuary enters a small grotto and is one of the prettiest examples of rock-cut temples in India.

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Arbuda Devi Temple, Mount Abu


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