Aksa Beach, Mumbai


A popular beach and a great holiday spot is the Aksa Beach in Mumbai. Located on the outskirts of the city, Aksa Beach is an unmatched haven if you are looking to revitalizing retreat from the commotion of the city life.

The enthralling shoreline is one of the Mumbai’s longest and it’s still not touched by the crowd of Mumbai; thus, it has maintained its natural charm aside from being flawlessly in immaculate condition.

Best Time to Visit Aksa Beach

The best time to get going to the beach is September to March. Due to the excessive heat and dampness, it can really become insufferable to take a stroll on the beach. Avoid visiting the beach during monsoons.

Places to Visit near Aksa Beach

Things to Do At Aksa Beach

  • Enjoy lip-smacking local food at the food joints and restaurants in close proximity.
  • Take a leisurely stroll on the golden sand.
  • Stay at the luxury beachside villas and resorts.

Well-known for its flawless beauty, locals and tourists don’t think twice about visiting it. Even though you won’t find many eateries at the beach, you can chomp light snacks sold by the local vendors on the incredibly amazing beach. As there are strong currents and tides, it is strictly recommended not to go far away while swimming. You never know what might happen when you are in the water.

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Aksa Beach, Mumbai


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