Akal Wood Fossil Park, Jaisalmer

Akal Wood Fossil Park

The Wood Fossil Park in the vicinity of Jaisalmer is a major geological region known as the Akal Fossil Park as a major tourist attraction.

This is a fascinating field of ancient plants that lived nearly 180 million years ago as a source of fossils from the trees of a forest. The reality is magnificent. The truth is incredible. The tree trunks, thus the trees, remain from the ancient forest region that once covered this land, which was presumably buried under the seawater. This area is one of the many amazing corners of the great mysteries to deliver and expose the great Thar Desert.

The area is almost 21 ha of protected forest, 17-18 km from Jaisalmer on the NH-15. Natural scientists, geologists, and tourists have a diverse curiosity and they are all equally drawn. Special permission is required for the study of nature. All year round, visitors flock.

The territory can be reached by road, car or cabs from Jaisalmer.

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Akal Wood Fossil Park, Jaisalmer


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