Adi Brahma Temple, Bhuntar

Adi Brahma Temple, Bhuntar

Himachal Pradesh is also called the land of temples and when you travel through it you will find a temple after travelling every few kilometres. Adi Brahma Temple is one of the only few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma which are there in India. The temple is located in a village named Khokhan which around 4 kilometres from Bhuntar. The temple is made up of very fine wood and built in a pagoda-style and has four rooftops.

The temple has become extremely popular in the last two decades. It is one of the finest temples in Kullu valley. The temple is made on a square plan. Deodhar wood is used to make this temple. There is an idol of Lord Brahma with a chariot with silver mohras and masks in the sanctum which is worshipped. There is also a stone statue of Lord Vishnu in the temple complex. The mythological stories are carved on the entrance gate of the temple.

The temple complex also houses temples of Garh Jogni and Manikaran Jogni on both sides of the Adi Brahma temple. The entire temple structure is about 20 metres high and looks grand. The temple looks picturesque and you will feel an eternal peace here.

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Adi Brahma Temple, Bhuntar


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