10 Top Tourist Attractions in Koh Samet

Top Tourist Attractions in Koh Samet

Koh Samet is an island in Thailand that has become a popular tourist destination for the travellers. You will find Samet trees in a large population on the island owing to which the name of the island was suggested. This is a perfect tourist’s destination for an ideal vacation with your partner as it has the white sand beaches, blue seawater, enthralling water sports adventure and reverberating nightlife. The beachfront resorts, bars and restaurants enable you to relax and relish the food while providing the unobstructed views of the beaches. The tourists visit the place to soak up the sun and sand and enjoy the holidays with the utmost comfort. Here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Koh Samet that give you the heavenly feeling.

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Here is the list of top tourist attractions in Koh Samet:

  1. Hat Sai Kaew Beach
  2. Samet Town Centre
  3. Ao Thian Beach
  4. Ao Phudsa Beach
  5. Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach
  6. Ao Phrao Beach
  7. Ao Wong Deuan Beach
  8. Khao Laem Ya National Park
  9. Nadan Pier
  10. Ao Hin Khok & Ao Phai Beaches

1. Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Being the most populated and busiest beach of the island, it attracts tourists for fun and adventure. The beach is also known as the ‘town beach’ and remains occupied most of the time with the tourists. There are various restaurants, sheds and eateries available here to taste the local flavours. Other than that, you can also indulge in water sports like jet skiing and watch the famous fire show in the evening for unlimited fun. This place is the most visited place in Koh Samet where tourists love to be.

Best Time to Visit – November to February or all year round.
Best For – Adventure and Food
Things to Do – Swimming, Paragliding and Sightseeing

2. Samet Town Centre

Samet Town Centre

Samet Town Centre is a popular town centre of island Koh Samet that attracts tourists for a great shopping experience. Despite being a small complex, the town centre has many shops, restaurants, bars and offers affordable accommodation to the tourists. No matter how badly you want to sleep, the throbbing nightlife at this place will not let go to bed. This is the lively tourist spot that you should visit during your travel to Koh Samet.

Best Time to Visit – November to February
Best For – Entertainment and Nightlife
Things to Do – Party, shop & Food

3. Ao Thian Beach

Ao Thian Beach

Ao Thian Beach is among the popular beaches in Koh Samet that attract tourists for serenity and relaxation. Although the beach remains calm and secluded during the weekdays, you will find it filled with the infectious vibes of the local crowd on the weekends. This beach is a fun place to be in Koh Samet and share space with locals to enjoy to the fullest. The greenery all around works as a bonus to the shores and makes it ideal for sunbathing.

Best Time to Visit – October to February & April to May
Best For – Relaxing & Leisure time
Things to Do – Sunbathing, Rejuvenating & Water sports.

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4. Ao Phudsa Beach

Ao Phudsa Beach

Ao Phudsa is the lovely beach in Koh Samet that allows tourists, especially couples to spend their quality moments. The beach is not too crowded but welcomes visitors to experience the beauty of the beach. You can see the magic of the sandy beach during the sunrise and sunset hours and make your tour to Koh Samet memorable. This is one of the best beaches on the island for holidaying couples.

Best Time to Visit – November to February
Best For – Sunset views & Sandy Beach
Things to Do – Witness the sunrise and sunset and appreciate nature.

5. Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach

Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach

Ao Kiu Na Nok Beach is another isolated beach lying on the south of the island. You can arrive at the beach and spend a quiet and peaceful vacation that you might be craving. The amalgamation of the picturesque setting and tranquil atmosphere make this place the apt for the couples and solo travellers for having an ideal weekend vacation. You can also choose to stay at the ‘Paradee resort’ and enjoy the luxury offered by them.

Best For – Picturesque & Luxury
Things to Do – View the panorama and relax on the beach and luxurious resort.

6. Ao Phrao Beach

Ao Phrao Beach

Ao Phrao Beach is an ideal tourist spot for a relaxing holiday to romantic couples. The locals from Bangkok also visit the place to have some weekend fun as it has a few resorts despite being the isolated island. You can spend a fantastic evening relaxing on the beach with and staring at the setting sun at the horizon with your bae. There is no better choice than this beach for couples seeking romance and peace.

Best Time to Visit – October to Mid-May
Best For – Romantic vacation & relaxation
Things to Do – Peace, Sunset views and Leisure

7. Ao Wong Deuan Beach

Ao Wong Deuan Beach

Ao Wong Deuan Beach is the clean and popular beach on the island that can be reached through the speed boat. There are a wide array of posh bars, restaurants and resorts making it another busiest beach on Koh Samet. The clear water, white sand and Panorama are all you would get to cherish your holidays on the island. The place is good for tourists looking for a water adventure and vibrant nightlife.

Best Time to Visit – November to February
Best For – Nightlife & Adventure
Things to Do – Party, indulge in water sports and hop on the local delicacies.

8. Khao Laem Ya National Park

Khao Laem Ya National Park

Khao Laem Ya National Park is a Thai marine national park that lies on the west of the island. Tourists can go there by booking a boat tour from Koh Samet and enjoy the hiking at the different sites. The place boasts clear water and sunset views that attract tourists. This tourist spot is worth a trip as you will be experiencing the incredible nature and natural trails to have adventure and fun altogether.

Best Time to Visit – October to April
Best For – Adventure & Nature
Things to Do – Hiking and Sightseeing

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9. Nadan Pier

Nadan Pier

Nadan Pier is a terminal in Koh Samet that take you through it to enter the island and also serves as the tourist’s spot. You will find various restaurants near and inside the pier serving Thai and international cuisines. You can sit and enjoy the snacks and coffee they are serving and witness the beautiful sea views from there.

Best Time to Visit – October to April
Best For – Food & Scenic Views
Things to Do – Sightseeing and Fun

10. Ao Hin Khok & Ao Phai Beaches

Ao Hin Khok & Ao Phai Beaches

Ao Hin Khok and Ao Phai are the two secluded bays and group of beaches that serve as the tourist spot in Koh Samet. The beaches attract camp lovers and backpackers who love to spend some time in a peaceful atmosphere. This place is perfect for those want a tranquil atmosphere and has a few bars and restaurants for them to have fun at night. If you are solo travellers or looking for a quiet place with your friends then this should be in your bucket list.

Best Time to Visit – November to April
Best For – Peace & Sightseeing
Things to Do – Panoramic views and Relaxation

The group of clean and peaceful beaches makes this place a fun destination for the tourists. It is the best tourist place that will make your travel rejuvenating and super fun with a blend of adventure and peace. You can plan a weekend break for Koh Samet during your trip to Thailand and enjoy the most of its natural atmosphere.

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