15 Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia has some incredible collections of stupendous destinations that is dream visit vacation spot of every individual and includes in a vacation kitty body. Get the list of Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia. Some mesmerizing sightseeing of island, lush greenery embraced by the Pacific Ocean, with dense rain forest and awe-struck volcanoes.

A captivating attraction of marine archipelago adds to the awesomeness of the islands enriched with flora and fauna. Not only for a family trip but Indonesia appears to be the most romantic, loved, and cost-effective honeymoon destination in the world. People term the country as God gifted paradise in the midst of the ocean and enormous interesting things to surprise you.

The perpendicular range experience of sumptuous nature and glorious sightseeing of the country hypnotizing the tourist with the magical beauty that gives a feeling of fairytale stories. Apart from the irreplaceable lushness of Indonesia, the country also has to offer never-ending adventurous activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, or submarine attracting the tourist in the awesomeness and beauty.

There are in fact endless reasons to love and admire the country cuddling from the volcanoes, ocean, mountain, bridge, turquoise sea, the majestic view of the sunrise, and sunset. Indonesia’s trip also means treating yourself with extra-ordinary experiences and memory. It is a paradise for the photographer to capture some of your best pictures and video.

Here is the list of Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

1. Bali: Wonders of Beaches


The dream place of every couple especially the mid-class people searching for cost-effective yet the most amazing places on earth. Bali supposed to be in the vocation kitty of every travelholic and is one of the most visited places in the entire world. Bali is known for its wonders of beaches. Apart from mesmerizing beaches, Bali has numerous amazing landmarks and cultures that will be stunned. Among the many captivating beaches in Indonesia, Kuta is the most visited beaches and the most loved one due to the mind-blowing sightseeing from sun-kissing your face, socializing, water games, surfing, etc.

If you love relaxing in a much quieter and tranquility place, Nusa Dua is the best option for you. To explore the culture and tradition yet glamorous and luxurious, Sanur great water sports. Some other interesting places you cannot effort missing in Bali are Ubud Monkey Forest, Blanco Renaissance Museum, Elephant Safari Park, Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Saraswati Temple, campus ridge walk, Traditional Art Market, etc. Explore best things to do in Bali.

2. Yogyakarta: The Treasure Chest of Indonesia


This beautiful destination of Indonesia and is also known as “The treasure chest of Indonesia.”. It is enriched with unique culture, literary hubs, foods, traditional dress, etc. Located in Central Java surrounded by a huge volcano are the north and the Indian Ocean to its south. Prambanan is the largest Hindu Temple in Indonesia. World’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, is also a popular attraction as a diverse mecca, as Jogja is a primarily Muslim community. Small kiosks food pack is found in every nook and cranny and delicious sweet & savory Javanese enchantments.

Indonesia has a wide variety of delicacies to explore especially in Yogyakarta. The rich heritage represents the culture and tradition teaching diverse modernity and values. Yogyakarta lies in the heart of Indonesia’s and illustrates the struggle of independence and revolutionary against dutch colonialism and holds a special historical attraction.

3. Gili Air Island:

Gili Air Island

It is the Youngest Islands yet most fascinating and enthralling in Indonesia offering the tourist with most peaceful day and rocking nightlife. Captivating waterfalls, temples, out-of-the-way surfing, serene beachside, nightlife hubs, expedient cafes with delicious cuisine, etc. Gili Air Island also offers various adventurous activities such as wakeboarding, horse-riding, water skiing, fishing, surfing, and many other games for the extra-ordinary experience.

After enjoying the wonders of Island and beaches, you can explore the lushness and 5-star facilities and accommodation of cafes, bars, food, special arrangement for honeymoon couples. The Manta drive center has 5 Sasak elegance well-ventilated huts with a personal swimming pool facility and many other amazing services.

4. Borobudur: Mahayana Buddhist Temple


This UNESCO World Heritage is popular mainly for the historical and cultural significance of the ancient temple which is both awe-stuck and spiritual. Borobudur in Indonesia was constructed in the 8th century giving the shape of Buddhist mandala that has a traditional significance for the local people. It has been recognized as the greatest and largest Buddhist site in the world and appeared in several world records. The gigantic Buddhist temple is one the most visited destination in Indonesia, however, the essence was not recognized and forgotten. It is believed that during the volcanic eruptions, many people left the place and shifted to eastern java. The fascinating view of the sunrise and sunset which can be experienced best by climbing the temple and enjoying the spectacular experience.

5. Jakarta:


It is also known as the melting pot of differences. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia representing the country’s economic, cultural, and political aspects of the country. The Jakarta old town and Kota Baru derives from the remains of the Dutch colonial architecture since the time the country achieved independence. Explore the Glodok smell, heady sights, and enjoy the marvelous MONAS that is the freedom struggle monuments.

The mesmerizing island, existing mall along with mind-blowing nightlife makes your visit to Jakarta crazy. You can smell the lushness and fragrance of nature, enjoy the music of birds, and overwhelmed by the sightseeing and warm treatment from the local community. The city is enriched with the beauty of culture, folk, the traditional and extraordinary lifestyle of the people. Some believe that their culture is a mix of South-East Asian and Asian cultures that beautifies the beautiful living style.

6. Orangutans of Borneo:

Orangutans of Borneo

Your vacation to Indonesia is no-sense complete with experiencing the beauty of Orangutans of Borneo. This beautiful destination is popular for some most endangered species in the world. Orangutans are home to several wild creatures, flora, and fauna preserved in a well-maintained and habitat manner. The Tanjung National park in Kalimantan is enriched with Orangutan, primates, reptiles, and various types of birds. Apart from Borneo where a large number of Orangutans, you can also spot Bohorol Orangutan in the Sumatran village at Bukit Lawang.

7. Komodo National Park:

Komodo National Park

The dragon land of Indonesia makes as the UNESCO World Heritage site. This National Park has every reason to be included in the best destination in Indonesia due to dangerous animals that are hardly spotted in any other part of the world. Komodo National Park is surrounded by many amazing islands affordable for everyone. The dragons of Komodo are the main attraction of the park. However, apart from Dragon, people also love visiting the park for exploring the surrounded islands, snorkel, canoeing, and the spectacular village located nearby. You can reach the place by boat and after reaching, you can take the guidance of travel experts and enjoy additional activities.

8. Ubud: Artists’ Village of Indonesia


Ubud is known as the Artists’ Village of Indonesia, highly popular for Bali. The aesthetic beauty of the village is peaceful and tranquil with the lushness of nature and mesmerizing sightseeing. The nightlife, parting, peaceful serenity, etc. represents the Seminyak and Kuta. Ubud is a loving village where music, craft, and art can be spotted in every nook and corner with workshops showcasing creativity on artists and galleries. Ubud has a rich culture and fascinating traditional beliefs driving back to the ancient lifestyle. Jatiluwih rice is popular throughout the world. The vibrant temples with splendid landscapes and Waterfall give a magical feeling. They are popular for conducting workshops and art galleries offering perfect Avenue.

9. Mount Bromo: Volcano in Indonesia

Mount Bromo

Indonesia is known for the Ring of Fire with some of the most rigorous volcanoes. Mount Merapi is popular for the stunning yet most dangerous and violent eruption of volcanoes. The incredible view of. Mount Bromo just magical and especially watching the sunset view over the caldera. It feels as if someone has beautifully painted the sky with vibrant colors. Any time of the year, explore the amazing view and the whitish smoke arising from the mountains hills. The incredible volcano is attached to the wonderful Bromo Tengger Semeru Park, among them, Mount Semeru is the highest peak of Indonesia. The Tengger people live in the park who was insolated back to the Majapahit Empire.

10. Tana Toraja:

Tana Toraja

Some of the few places in Indonesia that clearly and beautifully signifies the diversity and richness of cultural importance that makes them special compared to a world apart. There is a lot to discover in Tana Toraja such as Tongkonan constructed in architectural style, boat-structured buildings, and huts, and rich lifestyles of the local people make the place exceptional and natural paradise in real sense. The Tana Toraja visit to death is one of celebration and reverence of the city.

Funerals are essential ceremonies comprises of enormous of mouth-watering cuisine and folk dance. The dead person is buried and cremated in graves constructed into the caves. This Village is a different world in itself providing the essence of diverse ethnic culture and enjoys the peace of lush greenery and pristine countryside.

11. Kalimantan, Borneo:


A few of the many exceptional and splendid places in Indonesia are Kalimantan, Borneo. This is a wildlife sanctuary with diverse ecological richness in the land of Borneo. Though Borneo is enriched with flora and fauna, however, Borneo is home to Sumatran rhinos, orangutans, pygmy elephants, exotic birds, and a wide variety of other creatures. Kapuas River us the longest river in Borneo, Indonesia. You can hoke up to the wonderful indigenous Dayak village and explore the lifestyle of the people influenced largely by Malaysia, Europe, China.

Enjoy adventure activities like trekking, photography, wildlife sanctuary, etc. The must-visit national park in Borneo is Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya, rich natural conservation in West Kalimantan comprising of the two highest mountain peaks in Borneo. The mesmerizing beauty of the wildlife that includes clouded leopards, orangutans, sun bears, slow lorises, and much other variety of endangered species.

12. Manado:

One-stop-travel-destination in the world best known for Ban Hin Kiong temple. Manado is the capital city and 2nd largest city of North Sulawesi in Indonesia. The city especially shines and gives a magical feeling of mind-blowing marine biodiversity and Chinese New year celebration. Manado is though the not very popular but culturally enriched and most loved places in Indonesia and it is located in between Minahasa highlands and Palau Bunaken.

This place holds a historical significance in the ancient spice trade. It is mostly recommended for those with travelers and backpackers for the convenience of the tourist. The Bunaken is the most popular Tourist attraction with vertical reefs. Other must-visit and famous destinations are the Tangkoko Nature Reserve and hanging walls. Additional to popular captivation, the city offers awe-stuck private villas and resorts to spend the most memorable days of your life.

13. Lake Toba:

Lake Toba

Another wonder in Indonesia that attracts people from around the world., Lake Toba consists of both huge volcanoes and water bodies giving a magnificent view. This lake was discovered thousands of years back as an outcome of the catastrophic eruption. The Toba lake is 450 meters deep and 1,145 square kilometers. The Volcanic eruption frequently occurs and many times it had lead to island water reach the surface area. Toba Lake is your life experience of watching the wonder of the universe, powerful forces of the world, and mesmerizing beauty of the planet simultaneously. You can explore your heat out with adventure activities like water skiing, fishing, canoeing, tracking, etc.

14. Mount Krakatau:

Mount Krakatau

Probably, the most famous and largest Volcanoes in the world. It was recorded in various Guinness World record and in 1883, it was recorded in historical monuments. The Volcanic eruption hugely affects the climate condition and dangerous turn over on the life of the people staying near Sumatra and Java. The Child of Krakatau, Anak Krakatau, is the youngest islands in Indonesia discovered just after the 1883 eruption, and the island water was forced above the surface. This volcano eruption has risen higher than sea level and is causing a remarkable eruption. Anak Krakatau still erupts fire and smoke, which is awesome and a lifetime experience.

15. Semarang Tourism:

Semarang Tourism

This capital is known as ‘A melting pot of cultures.”The Cultural Semarang is the central Java province and is situated on the northern side of Java. Semarang has enriched religious plurality and cultural diversity connected by foreign powers. There are enormous things to explore in the province of Semarang Tourism with extravagant mosques, luminously colored temples, lively Chinese festivals, and colonial-era buildings, and distinctly heady cultures.

Semarang’s is located near the northern Javanese coast, a favorite destination for tourists due to luxurious cruise ships, lush green-city, and amazing day-trip. Semarang is best known for its vibrant Dugderan festival celebrated every year in the month of Ramadan. Popular Attractions like Tugu Muda, the Grand Mosque, the Sam Poo Kong temple, etc. is the must-visit place in Indonesia.

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