10 Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Gujarat

Situated on India’s west end, Gujarat has many architectural wonders and is renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history, as well as picturesque scenery and body-watering cuisine. Gujarat, also known as The Land of Legends, offers a wide range of spectacular attractions that blend nature, history, architecture, and culture.

The coastal state Gujarat in western India has many reasons for visiting the region. The Asian Lion’s habitat at Gir National Park has seen in all its glory. It is dotted with temples, mosques and other ancient sites that take you back in time with a history that dates back thousands of years and makes clear of its glorious heritage. The Rann of Kutch, the biggest salt desert in the world, also has many natural wonders in Gujarat. Here is the list of attractions to visit in Gujarat:

1. Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple is one of the Lord Shiva’s 12 Jyotirlingas in the Junagadh district. Various invaders invaded and looted the glorious riches of the Somnath Temple. But each invasion was accompanied by a re-establishment that took it back to its former glory.

The temple displays magnificence architecturally. It has a shikhara almost 50 m in height constructed in Chalukya style of architecture. With its intricate carvings, its silver gate, its famous Nandi idol, and its main attraction, the Sivlinga, this temple impress tourists. The mandapa (hall) and the main shrine are situated in its wide courtyard. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the Arab Sea from the temple. The Kartik Purnima fair, held over a 4-day duration, is also an important time to be here.

2. Gir National Park

The only place in the world where the magnificent Asian lion is accessible is the Gir National Park. You can’t find them anywhere else as near as Gir National Park. It stretches over an area of approximately 1,412 sq. KM of land is India’s largest national park, where the art of harmonious coexistence with the wildlife has been mastered by the tribal group.

The Gir National Park is among the best places in Gujarat to visit primarily because of the Asian Lion. The Park is also home to West India’s largest dry lagoon forest. Besides the Asian Lion, there are around 300 bird and animal species in the reserve. Gir National Park has a jeep safari as the perfect way to sightseeing.

3. Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace is one of Gujarat’s must-visit attractions and evidence of the unparalleled opulence and splendor. Laxmi Vilas Palace, built in the Indo-Saracen Architecture Academy, is nearly four times the size of Buckingham Palace. Until today, the home of the royal family of Baroda is still very famous among the local people.

In addition to Moti Baug Palace, the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and Banquets / Congrestions, there are several major buildings in the complex. The Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum holds a magnificent collection of Raja Ravi Verma paintings. Besides those of Hindu mythology, you find depictions of the royal family. The museum also houses foreign art objects, copies of prominent Italian Renaissance masterpieces.

4. Dwarka

You will learn of Dwarka’s relationship with Lord Krishna, one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, when you have the poorest knowledge of Hindu mythology. It is considered as one of the four most important pilgrimage areas of the Hindu Dham Char and regarded as the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna and the first capital city in Gujarat. When you come to Dwarka, one of the tourist atmospheres that must be visited in Gujarat, then you must first visit Dwarkadhish Temple. Another draw is the Jagat Mandir. You will find painted camels, tea stands, jewelry sellers and sea bowls in Gomti Ghat.

5. Rann of Kutch

His fudge of architecture and cultural practices are prevalent in Kutch, the largest district in India. The Rann Festival in November to February is the most renowned venue to visit in Kutch. Kutch stands out as a tourist destination in Gujarat. The Great Rann of Kutch, the largest district of India has everything: the old cellars, wildlife ponds, beaches, lakes.

To enjoy a beautiful nature show, visit the Rann of Kutch. Enjoy the jeep to the highest point in Kutch in Kalo Dungar, which provides a view of the borders with Indo-Park and the 400-year old Dattatreya Temple. Go to the port of Kandla to enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf and the company vessels. If you’re a buff of historical history, visit the Kutch Museum (Gujarat’s older museum) or Dholavira Museum.

6. Palitana

Palitana is another of Gujarat’s main tourist attractions, and also one of the holiest places for Jainist supporters. The Palitana Temple is situated at the top of Mount Shatrunjaya, much by the Jain Doctrine, where the most sacred places are found not on earth, but in the sky. However, it is important to get to the temple to take a difficult climb of more than 3,000 steps.

The Palitana temples were believed to have been built over 900 years, completed in two stages. It was finished. However, no one can take the credit for building the temple, because it was a wealthy community of businessmen of Jain who helped create these temples. It is a challenging climb to the top, so remember to keep pace. At 9:30 pm the idols in the temple are swimming and at noon prayers are given. When you started your ascent in the morning, it would be easier if you had moderate heat and spent time exploring the mountains.

7. Porbandar

Porbandar. What do you remember? Gandhi Mahatma. Here the Mahatma was born, after all. The place of his birth was converted into a small museum with a small library of books on Gandhian philosophy and action, known as Kirti Mandir. Another tourist attraction in this city is Porbandar Beach. You can’t help but lose yourself in a train of thoughts, with a calm, isolated and a magnificent view of the sea ahead.

8. Gandhinagar

The capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, is situated on the west bank of the Sabarmati River, about 23 km from Ahmedabad. Akshardham Temple, one of the country’s most beautiful temples is located in Gandhinagar, one of the few planned cities.

Gandhinagar offers all its tourists a rich cultural heritage, lovely temples, and a pleasant atmosphere. The Children’s Park and the specially built stepwell are among other attractions. The holy places in Gandhinagar are worth visiting as well as the Hanumanji Temple and Brahmani, although they are not so popular.

9. Bhuj

A desert city with a long royal past, Bhuj is one of the historical places of interest and uniqueness. The city has a long tradition of rulers and empires – and so many places of tradition to visit. After the 2001 earthquake, the town remained in a state of ruin and remains in the recovery stage. In ancient archaeology, the remains of the Indus Valley Civilizations, squares aligned with the Mahabharata and Alexandrine the Great march into India, and the graves, palaces and other buildings under the rule of the Naga kings, the Jadeja Rajputs, the Gujarat sultans, and the British Rajputs, Bhuj takes you to some civilizations and significant events in South Asian history.

10. Girnar

The delicate balance between, on the one hand, the fine golden brown sand from Gujarat’s richest desert and, on the other hand, Girnar–a group of mountains in Gujarat’s Junagadh district–are both a refuge for thrill-seekers and religious devotees because their potential to become both a center of religion and a hill retreat for walkers.

Girnar Hills are an important place for pilgrimages, and many devotees flock daily. While both Hindus and Muslims keep the summit of the Datar Peak sacred, Jain community has holy temples, such as the temple of Neminath and the Meravasi temple. The Girnar Parikrama Festival and the Bhavnath Fair are also important highlights here from January to February each year when Hindu and Jain devotees are gathering here in large numbers.

It is June to March, with more friendly weather compared with the summers, that is the best time to visit places in Gujarat when moisture rules the roost in state. It is well-linked via several international airports to all major cities and towns in the country as well as to other parts of the world.

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