Top 5 Luxury Cruises in India You Cannot Effort Missing!

The beauty of a luxury cruise is obvious even for the wealthiest men, who may have seen the best luxuries and extravagance. Combined with a strong focus on detail, the comfort and the enjoyment of the guest are outstanding amenities that cannot be overlooked when compared with the regular cruise ships. There was a time when luxurious cruises were a fantasy for a poor citizen and few could afford this extravagance. However, this dream became much more accessible by introducing luxury cruises on the exotic premises of India. Here is the list of the few best luxury cruises in India.

1. Sundarbans Luxury Cruise


In reality, Sundarbans is a UNESCO world heritage site worth checking out, and the biggest royal Bengali tiger reserve in the world. Sail through mangrove forests and visit local towns to watch villagers engage in enriching folk theatre.

Also, a gym is available, while the exclusive Ayurvedic treatment and massage room are for relaxing your nerves and muscles. Besides, there is also a library and a restaurant, a meeting room with internet and fax that allows both business and leisure travelers to have a nice time to relax. M.V.-M.V. A spacious vessel about 53 m in length, with a total of 32 cabins, is Paramhansa, the boat that allows you to experience the beauty of Sundarbans. Both rooms are air-conditioned and have associated bathrooms for guests ‘ convenience. Other amenities, including a telephone, tea/coffee making facilities, a wide reading set, and an emergency kit, include 12 luxury rooms on the first deck and 20 deluxe rooms on the main deck.

2. River Ganges Heritage Cruise


The Ganges River gives amazing views of the holy pilgrimage sites and the lush green forests surrounding them. The cruise consists of 32 wide rooms and a spacious, up to 80-person dining area. There is also a living kitchen with local cuisines. This luxurious 260 km long cruise takes you to some of the best sights.

Nearly all the specifications of a luxury ship have been met, as visitors obtain a spa room, a wellness area, and a spacious library. You can enjoy an enjoyable speed of life on board with international standards facilities while traveling by ship. The chefs on the ship will, however, prepare for you the most appetizing and tasty multifood dishes for the best experience for the enjoyment of the taste buds.

3. Lakshadweep Cruise


The islands of Lakshadweep are popular for adventure water sports, so if you’re a junky, you can opt for this cruise. A lot of cruises are running here, so you can pick. You will meet the locals during the cruise and get a glimpse into their daily life. Tortoises, coral reefs and birdwatching can be enjoyed at some of the islands. Yeah, you could also hire water scooters and jet skis for some fun.

The 120 m long, 700-passenger and 200 tons cargo vessel with a total carriage capacity is India’s largest-ever passenger vessel to be constructed at a total estimated cost of Rs. 173 crore INR. The vessels include a world-class 152-seat lounge, a 100-seater bar, a gymnasium, a games room, and a large air space to give visitors a nice time sailing. The new liner is fitted with the latest facilities.

4. M.V. Mahabaahu Cruise


From Kolkata on this luxury cruise, it takes you through numerous tribal cities, serene monasteries, extensive tea plantations, and other ancient locations. You will visit the best northeastern states such as Assam and Tezpur on this trip. The cruise offers a swimming pool, a whirlpool and a fitness spa on board. Oh, you can also enjoy cooking, watching many cultural activities and one-horned rhinoceros.

The MV Mahabahu won the CNBC News Channel Tourism Award 2012. Either three, five, or seven nights down or upstream, the guests will have great hospitality and some of the most delicious multi-cuisine dishes. Guests may also explore the area, navigate the ship’s library, enjoy a soothing board game or even relax in rejuvenating health centers of the ship, message centers and a variety of additional treatments under the guidance of seasoned high-level staff.

5. The Oberoi M.V. Vrinda Cruise


You will pass the Vembanad Lake and Alleppey waters on this cruise across the longest stretch of the Keralan Sea. You can enrich cultures and transnational nights as a guest while enjoying all the luxuries on board. Delicate cuisines made by the country’s renowned masters chefs will also be served.

The Oberoi M.V Vrinda is one of the luxuries, private lodgings on Kerala’s seas. The cabins are fitted with fully appointed deluxe cabins and king-sized beds, with bright teak floors and natural light, built to keep luxury and convenience in mind and are completely fitted and equipped with high-end facilities. These cabins are fully furnished. These include a 42 “LCD TV, a DVD player, an internationally compatible electronic safe plug points, as well as a 24-hour personal butler, high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection and a house entertainment system.

If you want to take a vacation and explore the beautiful seas and the luxuriant green environment of our country, you can take a luxurious cruise that takes you through the exotic sites that are still undiscovered. These were India’s top five luxury cruises to undertake an exciting journey.

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