Top 10 Cozy and Mesmerizing Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India

I am sure everyone has a fantasy of going to the best honeymoon where you can most private and most adventure moments together just after tiring wedding. As the echos of cool winter’s bridge chants with songs of love, romance and wedding season, you yearn for an erotic, fascinating, cozy, and passionate honeymoon vacation. The honeymoon period is one of a tempting and beautiful period of our life when you can escape from busy-schedule and can frame your beauty of love for lifetime memory and tranquil enclave. The best destination makes your precious time filled with lure and lust amidst nature and incredible ambiance and time filled with love and romance.

From Seductive intimacy, never-talk, visiting the best destination, capturing each moment, delicious items to try make your love strong in persistence and buoyancy. India is a land of beauty and heartwarming destination to visit especially for couples ranging from the romantic spot, exotic places with tempting music of chanting wedding music and love around. From the treasure of honeymoon spot India has, it’s seriously a tough time selecting a gemstone for your memorable holiday destination. The journey, of course, began with a tempting honeymoon vacation to a visiting a tranquil landscape. Most of you might be dreaming of a foreign destination but India is no less than a treasure for romantic and cozy winter hues.

In this article, I have brought the best 10 honeymoon destination in India offering you allied, romance, scenic beauty according to your desire, especially in the winter blooms giving you a diverse flavor of love and romance.

Here are the Top Winter Honeymoon Destinations in India:

1. Jaisalmer

The land exotic romance and awesome view with a rich history with a fascinating feeling of exploring the place, history, scenic beauty, culture, and togetherness. Amidst the quaint Havelis and dunes, the sand city Jaisalmer is one of the most fascinating and visited honeymoon destinations in India especially for love birds. Jaisalmer offers you over-the-top experience with an abundance of activities like camping, desert safari, and bonfire. Winter blooms are the best season to visit the city, especially from November-March to behold a rejuvenating view. Are you set to enjoy the paradise of love and enchanting beauty with other activities like camel safari, music, dance, folk tales, puppet show, games, cultural show and food, candlelit dinner with flavors wine? You can all experience hotels and restaurants of all price and allied services enriching your bedtime and outing. They also have a package to prepare for your first night with flowers, candles, food, etc.

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2. Udaipur

Do you want to experience the ultimate romantic vacation? Udaipur is one of the best destinations for your honeymoon known as Lake city-Udaipur. Everyone dreams of their honeymoon phase to make it unforgettable and captivating. Udaipur is the refreshing and majestic royal place designed with the history of love and dynasty with sparkling lakes, enriched fort, and colorful sunset. Udaipur the princely city of Rajasthan is the heart of cultural and historical city of India. The city offers the historical experience and royal feeling with palace, fort, lake, and antique floor giving a special feeling of your honeymoon period. Udaipur should be on your honeymoon kitty list and experience the lust of royal treasure.

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3. GOA

Goa is the best-visited destination in India, irrespective of relation like friend, couple, family, children, colleague, etc. Goa is definitely never-missing an incredible honeymoon destination offering you dream-like experience amidst the entire whole. Goa fetches the trendiest and fascinating place to enjoy the exceptional combination of lust, seduction, tranquil, beaches, Arabian blues, shopping sites, etc. The Miramar Beach, is the most isolated and dreamy beaches in Goa, offering the newly married couples with a pleasant ambiance and the perfect time for each-other. It holds a pristine and harmonious ambiance with ethnicity and temptation of Goan and shore of Arambol Beach. Sounds of birds chirping around and music of love giving a luxurious treat to the couple and ensure a surreal to live the vacation at fullest. Morjim Beach known as ‘Little Russia’, the most popular spot for both Indians and foreigners especially when winter blooms and you desire coziness and feeling on high. Other activities that make Goa a dreamland for couples are music, dance, food, folk music, popular destinations, photography, etc. The divine touch of visiting the ancient church is a attractive spot for tourists in Goa. The Dudhsagar Falls is another beautiful attraction in Goa.

4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The dreamland of everything vacation kitty is world-famous Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is located amidst the pleasant Bay of Bengal blues with majestic and artistic beauty of love and adventure. The island offers you the radiance and the exotic destination reflecting the incredible underwater animals and colorful fishes along with diverse marine plants The Karmatang Beach island to thousands of flora and fauna such as hawksbill, leatherback, and green turtles. making in the most popular tourist destination. Vacation in world popular Andaman and Nicobar Island is the most exotic and fascinating Cruise on the resorts with wonderful ambiance. The most preferable time to visit the island is during winter which allows you to experience adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat rides. If you enjoy being in the midst of mother nature and walkup listening to the melodious birds singing and end the day with romantic and colorful night, then you won’t be more happy other places than Andaman and Nicobar islands in India. You can hop in breaches, island, eat delicious local food, and enjoy the view of elephant swimming in crystal clear water and beautiful blue sky.

5. Darjeeling

A paradise in land adjust the majestic mountains, hills, snow, water-fall, Rivers, bridge arriving from Himalayan hills in the North Bengal. Winter is the most ideal season to visit Darjeeling when you can also enjoy the snowfall for honeymooners. Never-ending activities like bonfire, refreshing wine, mouth-watering food and incredible arrangements on the carmine bed for honeymoon couples that you can’t effort missing. The winter morning allows you to lush green valley, fascinating view, dotted with vast tea gardens and the majestic view of the Himalaya Mountain. You can also see the panorama view Kanchenjunga range from Tiger Hilltops with gigantic scenic beauty. Darjeeling and Sikkim are one of the most popular tourist destinations Darjeeling which makes you love nature as soon as you enter the love land. As soon as you enter you can feel the refreshing air, blue sky, birds chirping around, surreal warm whispers, and crisscross road trip. If you are a mountain person and loves to bring in the midst of nature and waterfall then Darjeeling is the part places you can ever visit with your newlywed beloved.

6. Manali

Are you have a snowfall lover? Are you yearning for a warm tight hug and cozy-cozy honeymoon vacation? There can nothing better than Manali, especially, during the winter bridge calling love-birds for fascinating and dream-like vacation. Snow-bed covering the mountain and hills, freaking chill, and your body seeking warmness, this is where you experience the best-ever time with your partner and you get more and more time to understand each other. Not only this incredible place to treat your relation with romance and love but also you get can enjoy adventurous activities such as paragliding, skiing, and hiking. The captivating window view of farfetched snow-covered Himalayan Range, mouthful dine and traditional dance of the Himachal artist makes your vacation in Manali worth cherishing throughout life. There are also many other tourist attractions in Manali giving you a mesmerizing feeling such as Hidimba temple, Buddhist monasteries, Rohtang pass, Solang valley, Kullu valley, Kasol, Naggar, etc.

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7. Nainital

When you plan for a sudden honeymoon vacation for a short duration in and around Delhi, there can no better honeymoon destination than Nainital. Nainital is captivating land for love-birds for mesmerizing scenery, fascinating days, warm hugs, bonfire, wonderful ambiance, and many more extra-ordinary to explore. The tourist is very fond of visiting, enjoying, capturing a beautiful moment at Naini Lake. The best time to visit the Nainital is during winter when its dame chilling cools and your heart and body seeking pleasurable warmth and moments. This is the time to sturdier the bond between both with the best time you could spend with each other. Nanital has hotels, resorts, and food stoles of all price and luxury well-equipped with the luxurious facility and central heating system. With diorama of scenic beauty, Nanital offers the panoramic view of snow-clad peaks. You can also visit the ambiance of the Bhimtal Lake, Sattal Lake, and the Naukuchiyatal Lake in Nainital.

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8. Srinagar

Srinagar is a top visited hill station in India that attracts travelers across the world. Winter is the best time to visit Srinagar when the richly state in covered all over with white snow, dense forest, and magnificent lakes. Some anticipated honeymooners seeking a vacation holiday in Srinagar. Your bond get stronger in the midst of pleasant and captivating ambiance and natural beauty. Srinagar resides the exceptional culture of the Kashmiri folk where the honeymooner’s couples must try out Wazwan, an irreplaceable non-veg preparation of which is deliberated an art and an idea of pride in Kashmiri identify and culture. Through people of all age and relation have a boombarding vacation in Srinagar, it is mostly popular for couples and newly wed love-birds to feel the dreamy view of bed covered snowfall. The hill and mountain gives you the pictorial view of gigantic Himalayan. The city also has lucious resort with world-class facilities making your holiday most memorable.

9. Ooty

In the midst of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is known as the queen of the hill station with everything to offer you the best of experience. According to the Survey, Oaty was selected as the hand-packed and top destination for vacation, especially for honeymooners. Giving a treat to eyes and peace to hears amidst the Rose orchids, lush greenery, trimmed tea estates, and pleasing climate making Oaty a paradise for romantic honeymoon vacation. You can most out of it and spend most precious moments with your love. Oaty is affordable for all kinds of tourists from most budget-friendly to luxurious resorts for honeymoons suite. The scenic beauty of nature and variety of flora and fauna makes your visit to Srinagar worth visiting. Ooty is one of the common destinations for honeymooners for local and many international visitors.

10. Shimla

When we are listing the honeymoon spot, how can we miss-out Shimla ‘Untouched beauty? It is a splendid spot with a snow-topped hilly range of Himachal Pradesh and many magnificent tourist destinations that the entire world is fond of. It gives you the dream-like picturesque beauty to be captured is captured in the frame. People also go crazy over shopping in the street of Shimla. Green Valley has enormous sights of nature while in Kufri are awe stimulating places for honeymooners. Every street, viewpoint, cafe, and nature trail Himachal Pradesh city bends romance, creating honeymoon in Shimla. The pastoral charm, colonial structures, mesmerizing panoramic views, and pleasant season of Shimla creates unforgettable experiences every couple dream for. Shimla, a lovely hill station slipped in the Greater Himalayan range, is adorned with massive peaks, cozy cottages, lush greenery, and diversities of flora and fauna. Spice up the romantic moments with some romantic walks and river adventures with your newlywed-wife. The elegant Himachal Pradesh is appealing lovebirds and couples to plan a honeymoon in Shimla.

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