Top 4 Tips to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It looks like we can fly early again when we think about the airport opening in a couple of areas, but with several precautions. Tips to travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is necessary to stay aware in a post-COVID 19 scenario, to take appropriate measures to stay safe, and not to catch the virus. According to the WHO, the risk of infection on an aircraft is very low. Current aircraft ventilation systems bring in a complete air shift 20-30 times an hour. Also, the recirculated air passes through HEPA filters, which are the same as in hospital and ICU operating theatres. Therefore, the risk of aircraft contamination comes primarily from direct contact with infected individuals and surface contact with an infected person. So, for your next air travel trip, you have to recall some things.

Here is the Tips to Travel Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Wash Hands
  • Create a list of important things
  • Wipe your surroundings
  • If you are sick, Stay Home

1. Wash Hands

Wash Hands

Hand washing can often protect you against easy infections.

You may never have to worry about a Cholera outbreak, but there are health issues over the decade many times. Not only does one great tip are to wash your hands, to minimize your risk of dealing with anything when you are in a viral epidemic, but it is also to ease your mind. Hand washing is also the first way to protect the body from any harmful germs or airborne toxins. Typically, not only businesses, colleges, and hospitals’ initial advice, but also CDC organizations. Then make sure you wash your hands first and then next time you do something in the world!

2. Create a list of important things

Create a list of important things

In general, you can bring a handful of things with you on your journey. A hand sanitizer (more than 60% alcohol intake), disinfectant clothing, tissue, and the facial mask will form part of your list. Such products will help you maintain a certain hygiene level and avoid contact with respiratory droplets causing disease.

3. Wipe your Surroundings

Wipe your Surroundings

Take a page and scrub the hard surfaces with disinfectant wipes while taking your seat. The back of the bench, the cover, the tray table, the armrests, all are surfaces that can hold contagious respiratory droplets alive. Make sure the surfaces remain wet as long as the disinfectant works (usually mentioned on a box) and not use wipes on soft surfaces, such as padding which would leave a moist wet seat and further spread the germs out.

Always note that you are not infected directly with the coronavirus, only if the affected surface is touched and you then contact the face (the entry points are so far from your nose, mouth, and eyes). Whenever you touch a surface (touch screens or the handle to the bathroom) that many people often can have, you can consider using the textiles to prevent direct contact with the surfaces and remove the tissue safe when you’re finished.

4. If you are sick, Stay Home

Stay Home

That is what is most important. They focus most often on how to protect ourselves from the disease but don’t worry about stopping it. The CDC suggests that you wait at least 24 hours for a fever that has reduced completely before you leave. If this virus is ever to be controlled, it is important to remember everybody.

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