We (refer to Traveloaces and believed to be included its subsidiaries, parent company, affiliates and representatives) provides you (refer to the users) with the website, mobile applications, access to content and other digital & published services (refer to the Service) owned by the Traveloaces.

You are supposed to read the following Terms of Service depending on which you would use the service on our website or any other platforms. These Terms of Service will include all the operating rules & policies, amendments & updates and other modifications that take place on all the applications, platforms and website from time to time.

Acceptance of Terms of service

This set of terms and conditions is a legally binding agreement between the Traveloaces and the user of the website, mobile applications and all the services of the Traveloaces that have been provided to the user. By using or registering to the website, mobile applications and all sorts of services, information and material of Traveloaces, you are deemed to have read the Terms of Use carefully. Users continuous use and access to the website, applications and services will depict the acceptance and acknowledgement of these Terms of Service and legally oblige them to be in the agreement with the Traveloaces.

Amendments in the Terms of Service

Traveloaces holds the rights to change, modify or remove the services at any point of time without any prior notice and the change will be applied immediately after posting it. The users will be informed about the updated and Terms of services via the ‘’ Last updated’’ section at the top of the Terms of Service. You will be deemed to have read and accepted all the modified Terms of Service by your continued use of our website, application and all kinds of services and will be solely responsible for reviewing the Terms of Service from time to time.

Amendments in the Service

Traveloaces holds the rights to modify, remove or discontinue the services temporarily or permanently without any necessity to give prior notice to the users. By using or accessing our services, the user agrees that Traveloaces is not obliged to inform the users or any third-party for any kind of modification, removal or discontinuation of the service.

Use of service

● The services, technology and content on our website, mobile application and service are owned by the Traveloaces. The user is believed to be abode by the agreement of not copying, modifying, transferring and distributing the content, technology or services on our website, mobile applications and other platforms.

● The user will remain informed and abide by all the copyright notices, restrictions and information comprises in any of our services and portals. User agreed to not download, distort and make inappropriate use of the information and content that is available on the website, mobile applications and other portals of Traveloaces.

● We are also not liable to the discrepancies, incorrections, quality and any other delays and issues in the content and information that is retrieved from the third-party sites and other sources. We take no responsibility to the availability of links and other sites of third-party sources on our website and mobile application. It is your responsibility to resolve your concerns with the third party’s administrators in regards to your issues with such sites.

User’s content

The user is liable and held responsible for posting all types of content including the comments, feedback and other inputs about our services on our website and all the mobile applications. Though we do not reserve the rights to control the content you put on websites and other platforms, however, we hold the rights to delete, move or edit the inputs made by users anytime that violate the Terms of services, copyright and contain unacceptable remarks or content. We hold the rights of the user to post content, terminate user’s access to the site or any other platforms of Traveloace and hold the pending costs and claims upon posting obscene and offensive content that violates the Terms of service.


● In order to register or buy a subscription, the user may be required to create an account with a username and password and may require to fill in the personal information. By using our services and buying the subscription, you’ll be solely responsible for giving the information while filling the subscription form and Traveloaces takes no liability in relation to the loss, theft and misuse of the information of the users.
● User is liable to provide authentic, complete and true information to while creating the account and using our service or else Traveloaces holds the right to terminate the account of the users.
● User is responsible for every type of activity and usage that are performed using his/her account and any illegal activity and violation of legal rights may lead to the termination of the user’s account.
● User takes responsibility for not using the data and information of others on our website and not disrupting and making false use of it in order to fulfil the illegal purpose that offend the rights of other users and the Terms of Use of Traveloaces.
● User agrees not to use or transmit the data and content of our website and mobile application for illegal uses and activities. This may lead to necessary legal actions and permanent termination of your services rendered by us.

Intellectual property

The user accepts that the all intellectual property that is associated with the website, portals etc., belong to the Traveloaces and legally protected. It may include the logo, content on website and applications, services marks, trademarks, third party IP or any other information or content in any form relation to Traveloaces and third parties in association with it. The user holds no rights to make use of, remove or distort including the above-mentioned information or content with no limitations related to the third parties.

Payments of service and subscription

● All the price of the subscription and services are subject to the correction and changes for the user. They can be varied, increased, decreased or modified in future by Traveloaces without any prior notice or information to the user.
● Traveloaces have rights to charge for the services in future, that is now free, and the user agrees to pay the amount that will be charged for the services. The user will be informed about the charges during the period of his/her use of the service.
● The payments will be accepted by the different modes online including the credit card, debit card and internet banking by the user for availing the services.
● If the subscription and service include a service that provides access to other services, the user may have to pay the additional charges for the services. The user agrees to pay the additional charges of the services that they incur with other services.
● All the price you see on our website and applications for availing any of our services will be exclusive of the service tax and the final price may vary after including the service tax (GST).
● We hold the rights to immediately suspend your use of service or subscription if you fail to pay the charges for the services that would be availed by you without any prior notice.
● If we mistakenly state a price of particular services or subscription on our websites, we are not liable to provide you with the subscription or service at the same price and we hold rights to inform you about the error in price and correct it, after which you may withhold your or cancel your services or subscription if you do not agree to pay the correct price stated by us.


By all the digital payments and subscription purchase made by you on our website, applications and other portals, you agree that we can start your service or any kind of subscription immediately after you make the payment. This means that you are not liable to request a refund in case you change your mind once we process the services. You have no rights to cancel your current or previous orders and services and if you do so, you will not be entitled to get the refund of your payment.

Complaints and Grievances

For any kind of complaints regarding the content posted on our website and any other kind of grievances related to the Terms of Service & Use of our website and services, you are required to connect with us within the 7 days of issue arises at info@traveloaces.com and we will get back to you shortly.

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