5 Stunning Organic Villages in Sikkim

Leave the maddening tourists in the company this season, stay with the locals, eat their food, sing the songs that they sing, learn about wonderful folklore and share stories on Sikkimese hot beers and beautiful sunsets as you go to the picturesque mountain settlements spread over Sikkim.

Sikkim’s beautiful condition is a paradise for travelers. This kaleidoscopic State is rich in local culture and customs. The Kanchenjunga, which is dominant in the west, blessed by flags of prayer (called Lung Ta locally) and decorated with meandering Teesta. Hidden from the world, many villages and picturesque corners are housed in Sikkim postcards. There are 5 organic villages in Sikkim which you must visit at least once.

1. Darap

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The Limboo group primarily lives at 5,790 ft elevation, Darap Village, eight kilometers from Pelling. The word Darap is derived from the word ‘ Tan-lop’ in Limboo, which is a plain field. Darap is distributed through paddy fields and plantations of cardamom.

Darap Village is an absolute heavenly discovery, and by staying in a traditional house and meditating in a meditation facility you can enjoy this picturesque (and organic) village.

How to Reach: Darap is about 120 kilometers from Gangtok. Bagdogra is the nearest airport. It is possible to enter the village from any major town of Sikkim by shared jeep or by a taxi.

2. Kewzing

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Dialect is the land of wheat fields, which is also known as the land of chestnut trees or Sosing in Bhutia. It means’ the land of wheatfields.’ On the Legship-Ravangla Highway, south of Sikkim, it is located at an altitude of 4,600 feet and is almost 8 km from Ravangla. This peaceful village of Bhutia, with a plurality of Buddhists, has over thirty houses against the backdrop of Narsing Mount and Kabru Mountain. The village is surrounded by a lush forest covering of cardamom.

How to Reach: The closest airport is Bagdogra, approximately 76 km from Gangtok’s main town. The NJP (New Jalpaiguri) railway station is 160 kilometres. To reach Kewzing, drive to the Melli check post via Ravangla and Namchi.

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3. Kabi

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This historic northern village in north Sikkim is bordered by monuments designed to represent the Lepcha & Bhutia chieftains ‘ friendship, which has had a significant effect on the ethnic ties of Sikkim’s. The site of Kabi Lungtsok, where the Blood Brotherhood Treaty was concluded between the Lepchas and the Bhutia people is one of the most important monuments here. This historic site of the North Sikkim Highway, near Phodong, is surrounded by a thick forest canopy.

How to Reach: Gangtok, on the North Sikkim Highways is about 17 km from the town. From Kabi to Gangtok daily jeeps drive, and it’s about 40 minutes by car.

4. Pastanga Village

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Located on an elevation of 4,700 ft, this quaint hamlet in East Sikkim is a refuge for bird lovers. Various butterflies, such as the Blue Mormon and the Monarch Butterflies are visible here as well. The village is also known for its cardamom cultivation, surrounded by rolling hills and cascading streams that flow through the countryside.

How to Reach: About two hours’ drive from Gangtok to Pastanga. About 28 km.

5. Lachung

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The Bhutias, also known as the Lachungpa, is mostly inhabited by this beautiful mountain village at 8,610 ft on the riverside. Lachung’s peaches, apricots, and apple vergers are also popular. Because of the existence of the popular Yumthang Vale, Lachung (which means a tiny pass) is also known as Mini Switzerland. The pastures in this valley are filled with the scent of steaming hot momos, thukpe and Maggi, with clusters of Rhododendron, undergrown flowers. A trip with many fruit orchards is favorable from March to May. Zero Point is about 23 km away. It’s a sight to see, Snow comes most of the year.

On your way to Lachung stop to see the confluence of Lachung, Chhus Lachen and Teesta rivers on the route to Chungthang. Visiting Chungthang Monastery, take a trip to Guru Padmasambhava’s holy stone (Naydo).

How to Reach: It takes approximately 6 hours by car from Gangtok to reach Lachung due to the horrible road conditions a little over 1oo km from Gangtok.

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Sikkim is a renowned destination for tourism. Sikkim’s renowned places such as Gangtok, North Sikkim, Machi are popular with people but are too crowded if you want a proper stay. To live outside the city crowd and to discover nature’s beauty, these were the best places in Sikkim to visit.

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