We (here in after referred to Traveloaces, its affiliate, parent company, subsidiaries) provide services, content, resources, commerce platforms, marketing tools and solutions such as promotional, innovation, targeting, video/image advertising and more through its websites, services and mobile applications.

While offering these services, we take care of the privacy of your (users) information, non-personal data (refer to the information that does not specifically reveal the identity of a user or data that is linked to the user’s device) and personal details ( refer to the contact details including name, phone number, address or email) that we collect when you use our services.

In order to keep you well-informed about our privacy policy, we have prepared this section so that you remain updated about how we collect, use and share the data that we gather while you use our website, platforms and any of the services offered by us.

By visiting our website and using our services, we deem that you accept the policies and practices described in this privacy policy. By your continued use of our website and services, we hold the rights to collect, use and share your data as per our privacy policies.

How do we collect and use the data?

Personal information

We gather information or data that you purposely provide us while giving feedback, request information or any other advertisements that prompts the forms asking your personal details. However, it is always your choice to either provide personal information to us or not. Traveloaces can identify your device through an operating system applied Id that is unique to your device called Device Identifier including an iOS device identifier, Google device ID and IMEI. The data we collect by recognising your device while you use our services, applications and website is used to:

● serve you better with our services.
● maintain, protect and manage the accounts, subscription.
● communicate regarding the promotion and updates of our services.
● share it to third parties in order to serve you with better services.


We collect, use and share the precise location and data in order to make advertising message and targeting segments easier and accurate. Your location may be used to measure the metrics, impressions, clicks and more for the purposes of analysing marketing impacts of a particular advertiser. We use additional information with the location such as nearby devices, proximity & speed of the device from the operating system while you provide the location to our website and applications. You can choose to provide us with the information as above stated or just go to your setting and change it anytime when you wish to discontinue to provide us with the location-based tracking. But other general information may be collected including the IP address, location and other data.

Non-Personal Information

We collect and use information when you use our services and websites through the help of cookies that are stored in the web’s browser. The non-personal information may include IP address, browser language, device type and version, source of request and amount of data transferred and does not include any type of personal details, We use cookies to provide you with the best user experience and offer the targeted marketing messages to the customers and deliver the services based on your interests and location. You can choose to block your cookies anytime from the web browser.

Information acquisition by third Parties

While using our website, application and services online that could include the links, forms or any other prompts from thirds parties, it is your responsibility to choose to use or not those links, sites and application as they can also get your information based on your location. You’ll be solely responsible for transmitting your information through the use of sites, apps and links from other sources and have the choice to leave it unused.

Information acquisition from third parties

We may also get the information about your devices from third parties and other sources that are in partnership with us.

Retention of Information

We retain the data and information of the individual user when they use our website, application or services in order to serve our business purpose, needs and auditing. We may keep and use it for a maximum of 2 years, after which the data and information will be either deleted by us or removed permanently.

Disclosure to Third-Parties

You give your consent to Traveloaces to disclose the data to third parties:

● Third parties who help us provide the services and offerings and use information as and when needed.
● Third parties who you allow us to share your information for.
● Any subsidiaries, joint venture, organizations and affiliates that come under our control and follow this privacy policy.
● In relation to the transactions, financing, involving sale, agreement of any merger or any other lawful cases related to our business following this privacy policy.
● In cases of disputes and its solvency and protects the rights of ours and yours from third parties.


We put in use the reasonable and appropriate measure to prevent your personal details and data from loss, misuse, access and unauthorized disclosure and destruction or damage. Other than that, we take no responsibility to any kind of disclosure to your personal information and advise you to keep your information safe over the internet.

Changes in policy

Traveloaces constantly reviews and update our privacy policy based on the security purpose and privacy practices. We post the date of revisions and updates in our privacy policy at Traveloaces.com and it is your responsibility to periodically review our privacy policy in order to keep informed about the changes and updates. Through your continued use of our websites, application and services, you will be believed to accept our revised terms and policies.

Contact Us

In case you find have any questions and concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can always write to us at info@traveloaces.com and we will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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