Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Chitwan

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Chitwan

Chitwan is the popular tourists’ destination and the fourth-largest city of Nepal. If you are planning a trip to Chitwan, you must be looking for tourist attractions in the city. It has fun places to visit including adventure, wildlife and sightseeing tours and welcomes tourists from different corners of the world. The culture, history and natural sights are the major viewing attractions of the city. You can plan an affordable trip to Chitwan with your family to spend every single moment with fun and unlimited entertainment. We have listed the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Chitwan to make your trip enjoyable.

Here is the list of Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Chitwan, Nepal

1. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is a World Heritage Site and a popular tourist attraction in Chitwan, Nepal. You will find plenty of distinct species of mammals, herpetofauna, fishes and birds. You will also get to see the one-horned rhino, gharial and the Royal Bengal tigers. There is much more to the park than just wildlife as you will find cultural, spiritual and other enjoyable activities to take part in. This place is the prime attraction in Chitwan for the tourists looking for one-stop entertainment.

Best for: Nature, Wildlife & Sightseeing
Price: INR 2000/- per person
Location: Subarnapur, Nepal

2. Ranipokhari


Ranipokhari is the emerging attraction of Chitwan that has been attracting the locals and international tourists for a day-out. It is an open-air museum that has various rock sculptures to adore. You can spend a family picnic at this place with the natural surroundings that make it an ideal place to spend several hours. You can indulge in boating and admire the beauty of nature around the lake. These few hours attraction is relaxing and will make you joyous spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Best for: Nature & Sightseeing
Price: NA
Location: Chitraban, Chitwan

3. Shiraichuli Hill

Shiraichuli Hill

Shiraichuli Hill is a popular hill in Chitwan that offers mesmerising views of the beautiful sunset and sunrise. Whether you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or sightseer, this place is all you need. You can take a trek to this hill in morning and evening to witness the stunning views of the sunrise and sunset and offers views of the famous hills like Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Gaurishankar and more. You can spend a night at a nearby hotel to witness the beautiful sunrise in the morning and extend your day for a picnic.

Best for: Nature, Adventure & Sightseeing
Price: INR 75/- per person
Location: Chitwan District in Narayani Zone

4. James World Fun Park

James World Fun Park

James World fun park is a popular amusement park 17 km from the Chitwan district. If you are travelling to Chitwan in summer, there is no better escape from the city. You will be enjoying the waterpark, fun rides, dry games and many more activities. There is too much to explore by the kids and adults both as there are monster rides, flying care and train rides. The families can enjoy the family car ride and have the delish food in the restaurants. This will be a perfect family day out during your trip to Chitwan.

Best for: Adventure, fun & Entertainment
Price: INR 300/- per person
Location: Balephi-Jalbire Road

5. Jeep Safari

Chitwan Jungle safari

Chitwan Jungle safari on Jeep is the most memorable thing that every tourist’s group wants to experience. If you are with your family and friends then this will be an ideal place to be. You can take the tour of the jungle in the back of the jeep with two different tours options; short tour or full-day tour. You will see the places and animals and will be able to get some good pictures in the wilderness. This way you can take a tour to the jungle and spot various animals without any hassle.

Best for: Wildlife, Nature & Sightseeing
Price: INR 750/- per person
Location: Sauraha Road, Nepal

6. Narayani River

Narayani River

Narayani River, being one of the largest rivers of Nepal, offers fascinating sights to the tourists. You can also take canoeing in the Narayani river near the park to experience a thrill and peace at the same time. The hand rowed canoe ride will give you scenic views to witness around the beautiful river and a chance to click pictures as you float in the river. The trip to the Narayani river will give you an amazing experience that you would surely not regret.

Best for: Nature, Sightseeing & Canoeing
Price: NA
Location: Chitwan National Park

7. Bishazari Taal

Bishazari Taal

Bishazari Taal is a zone of Chitwan National park that has a group of lakes. The place is ideal for watching birds that migrate in a large group every winter from Siberia to this place. You can relax at the shores of the serene lakes and hear birds chirping. Additionally, you will also get to see the tigers, rhinos and crocodiles around the lake. This is really the best place to experience nature, birds and wildlife all at one place within a few hours.

Best for: Nature, Wildlife & Sightseeing
Price: INR 25/- per person
Location: Bis Hazari Lake, Bharatpur

8. Elephant Breeding Centre

Elephant Breeding Centre

If you adore elephants and love watching them act then you must be at the Elephant Breeding Centre in Chitwan. This centre is built to protect the endangered species and allow the tourists to pay a casual visit to observe this incredible kind of animal on earth. You can witness the baby elephants playing in the small museum in the centre. Other than that, you get opportunities to feed, observe and learn about their life. This is a must-visit attraction for you if you have kids along.

Best for: Wildlife, Fun & Sightseeing
Price: INR 50/- per person
Location: Baadreni Road Royal Chitwan, Bharatpur

9. Jalbire Waterfalls

Jalbire Waterfalls

Jalbire Falls is a retreat for nature lovers in Chitwan that is 60 meters tall and entices tourists to visit this place. The falling water from such a great create a striking panorama. The exalted grasslands and striking hills contribute to the beauty of this naturally gifted attraction. You will surely get lost into the surreal beauty of this place and will keep coming back to treasure more and more. This is one of the stunning places that you must visit with your loved one.

Best for: Nature & Sightseeing
Price: INR 100/-per person
Location: Balephi-Jalbire Road

10. Tharu Village

Tharu Village

Tharu village is the best place to visit in Chitwan if you want to experience the culture, lifestyle and observe the Tharu community. The Tharu village Museum, natural surroundings and local customs are ideal for the exploration and taste the flavours of the unique part of Nepal. You are advised to take a guided tour of the city to understand the practices, communicate with locals, share moments with them and discover amazing things during this trip to Tharu village.

Best for: Culture, Lifestyle & Sightseeing
Price: NA
Location: Tharu Village, Chitwan

We have mentioned the best places to visit in Chitwan and make your journey full of fun and adventure. These attractions will surely help you gain your ideal travel experiences that you will cherish forever. So, embark on a journey to Nepal and hit the places one by one to make the most of your holidays.

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