Popular Places to Visit in America For A Family Vacation

Places to Visit in America

America has numerous tourists’ places to be with your family as it is the vast continent comprising various countries. You can find an infinite number of things to do in America like exploring the culture, striking landscapes, exquisite coastline, impressive architecture and much more to experience. Though it is quite difficult to cover the entire region in one trip, we have curated a list of 10 popular places to visit in America for a family vacation and spend an amazing time with them. There are premium resorts and restaurants to pamper yourself so, do digging to find out more interesting things to do amidst the natives at these places.

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United States of America

The place is known for dazzling cities that offers fun and entertainment. You can plan a trip to New York City to experience the sightseeing with Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. The other charming city is San Francisco to explore beautiful coasts, picturesque and spend a fabulous evening dining in a lovely restaurant with your family. The place gives you options to spend the vacation in your way.

Category – Sightseeing, Fun & Leisure
Transport – Nearest major airport is John F. Kennedy International Airport
Cost – Approx. 15, 000/- INR per day


Canada is a place of snow-capped peaks, fine breweries, premium restaurants, diverse culture and a lot more. Calgary is one of the cities in Canada that boasts historical museums, natural sites and lots of adventure. Quebec City is another city with old architecture, city carnivals, luxury hotels and restaurants to spend the leisure time and taste the delish flavors of the region.

Category – Sightseeing, History & Nature
Transport – Nearest major airport is Calgary International Airport
Cost – Approx. 10,000/- INR per day


Mexico is the popular tourist destination known for seaside resorts, cultural fests, adventure activities and fun. Cancun & Isla Mujeres are the best places to be if you want to relax on the beach on a sunny day or want to taste the water-based adventure. Or you can also explore the culture & art in the Mexico City and spend some time in recreation, shopping & relishing the cuisines.

Category – Leisure, Adventure & Culture
Transport – Nearest major airport is Mexico City International Airport
Cost – Approx. 3000/- INR per day


Cuba is the liveliest place that offers mystical beaches, historical sites, captivating culture and natural beauty. Indulge in water-based sports in the dazzling beaches of Varadero. You can also explore the architectural sites at Havana and the town of Trinidad with its church & monasteries. Taking a horse ride and soothing your eyes with the natural scenery is the best way to spend your vacation in Cuba.

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Category – Adventure, history & Architecture
Transport – Nearest major airport is José Martí International Airport
Cost – Approx. 6800/- INR per day

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famous for rainforests, islands, street markets, history and coffee plantations. Old San Juan has historical and colorful buildings, narrow streets and outdoor restaurants that attract the tourists. The island Vieques and Playa Flamenco are the best destinations to beach-related activities and soaking up nature with your dear ones in the tranquility.

Category – Nature, Architecture & Adventure
Transport – Nearest major airport is Luis Muñoz Marin Airport
Cost – Approx. 11,500/- INR per day


Brazil is the place to satiate your craving for tropical islands, rainforests, striking beaches and adventure. You can plan your vacation to Rio de Janeiro and spend your time on the beaches to taste every bit of the city in one place. Enjoy the striking views of architectural buildings and sites in Salvador. Try biking & hiking in the Brazilian Atlantic forests and party late night with the energetic crowd of the city.

Category – Leisure, Sightseeing & Nightlife
Transport – Nearest major airport is Guarulhos International Airport
Cost – Approx. 4500/- INR per day


Argentina boasts the rich culture, architectural heritage, waterfalls, jungles and deserts. Buenos Aires is an attractive city to explore the gardens, historical museums and galleries in the city. You can see the ‘Iguazu Falls’ that is one of the magnificent sites that offers majestic views. ‘Perito Moreno Glacier’ lies in Patagonia region is the hub for tourists who want to witness the glaciers and indulge in ice trekking.

Category – Nature, Sightseeing & Art
Transport – Nearest major airport is Ezeiza Airport
Cost – Approx. 7500/- INR per day


Chile is known for ice-cold glaciers and lovely places that fascinate tourists. ‘Torres del Paine National Park that’s an incredible sight to behold the green water. The other popular place is ‘San Pedro de Atacama’ that attracts the vacationers. You can explore the culture, architecture and tradition in Santiago and taste the tickling wine made in the vineyards of the country. The place will give you chills with its amazing vibes and sceneries.

Category – Architecture, Sightseeing & Nature
Transport – Nearest major airport is Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Cost – Approx. 7000/- INR per day


Columbia houses the sandy beaches, Caribbean & pacific islands, Amazon rain forests and the mountains. You can plan a trip to Medellin which is a beautiful city to explore the culture and modern art in the moderate climate. Get to San Andres & Providencia island to experience the marine life under the blue water. You can also stay in San Agustin and explore the archaeological sites in the town.

Category – Nature, Adventure & culture
Transport – Nearest major airport is El Dorado International Airport
Cost – Approx. 3000/- INR per day


Peru is rich in history and culture that has lots of archaeological sites, landscapes and sightseeing activities. You can explore the snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, crystal clear lakes in Laguna 69. The places like Rainbow mountains, Desert Oasis in Huacachina and national reserves are the best place to explore with the family. The place is the best to immerse into nature & sightseeing.

Category – Sightseeing, Nature & Leisure
Transport – Nearest major airport is Jorge Chávez International Airport
Cost – Approx. 3000/- INR per day

These were the 10 popular places to visit in America for A family vacation and spend some time in the beauty of the region. The breathtaking tourists’ destinations will make you extend your trip and allure you to go more in the depth of the exploration. You would reminisce every moment you spent on this vacation even after years when you go back to your home.

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