15 Mouth-Watering Food to Eat in Sri Lanka Before you Die

Watering Food to Eat in Sri Lanka

Good food is the ultimate peace and treats to taste buds. Sri Lankan is a dreamlike place to visit due to a fascinating place and delectable cuisine that is unique and mouth-watering found only in Sri Lanka which you would regret missing. Apart from the South Indian Food to Eat in Sri Lanka, there is manifestly some interesting food you would love to explore. Sri Lanka is known for its rich ethnic food consist of mouth-watering dishes and curry concoctions representing the Sri Lankan culture. Sri Lankans are spices and different types of flavors. People want authentic, flavorful food that makes the day brighten. Happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast and Sri Lanka is a paradise for the food lover.

Yummy food in nook and corner of Sri Lanka and fragrance of delicious food will make tummy crave to give a try. Sri Lanka is an island with a tropical climate, fish of different types & flavor, and coconuts and fish. Although there is a diversity of food that you would find irresistible and mouth-watering, we present to you some of the tempting cuisines to make your day bright. Rice and curry is the staple food of Sri Lanka, though it’s known for a wide diversity of bread, loaves of bread, both roti style flatbreads, etc.

List of Top 15 Tempting Food to Eat in Sri Lanka You Must Try

1. Fish Curry and Mixed Rice:

Fish Curry and Mixed Rice

Sri Lanka is definitely a paradise for Seafood lovers. Rice and fish curry is the staple food for local people. Tempting Fish curry cooked in endless flavor and texture of aroma that makes your tummy craving for more. In Sri Lanka you should definitely try the local ethnic fish curry and rice with some amazing vegetable curries and salad.

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2. Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry:

Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry

Another heavenly taste of the Fish Curry known as ‘ Deviled Sweet and Sour fish curry’ by Sri Lankans. The appealing flavor and appetizing texture of the fish deep fried and is deep in a sweet & Sour sauce. The real taste hits the taste buds when it’s again fried with red banana and onions to give an excellent taste of fish. It’s tastes best with flatbread paratha and fried rice. I am sure you would attach to the food and eat until your yummy is full.

3. Sri Lankan Dhal Curry (Parippu):


In Sri Lanka, Dhal is one of the most loved staple food. The flavorsome taste of different types of dhal cooked with a wide variety of spices and ingredients will make will stave to try with Rice. Massor dhal the most popular among locals that is red lentils cooked with coconut milk and local spices added with better makes the look amazing and the taste heavenly to create a rich stew. Dhal curry is commonly taken by the Sri Lankan with forms of bread and rice.

4. Young Jackfruit Curry (Polos):

Young Jackfruit Curry

Another interesting yet delicious curry in Sri Lanka, mainly loved by tourists and also the local people. Young Jackfruit curry and it’s polos is one of the most scrumptious and yummies dishes you should discover on your trip to Sri Lanka. The young Jackfruit that is unripe is used to make polos though many love eating when it’s ripe. The Jackfruit is cut into chunks and mix properly in rich local spices. This dish is so yummy that it is delightful and gratifying. The blend of the brown dish makes the texture more mouth-watering, it tastes Savory and the Jackfruit pieces are extremely tender. The potato filling that is a juicer and the flavor of spices will make you crave more to at least try once in your lifetime.

5. Gotukola Sambol:

Gotukola Sambol

The specialty of Sri Lanka is basically is a Pennywort Salad bent with Green leafy vegetables that is another commonly found delicacies of Sri Lanka loved by both locals and visitors. Gotukola Sambol is Asiatic pennywort that is made out of green leafy vegetables and some rare spices. Sambol is described as a garnish dish that is prepared with raw and fresh vegetables and other ingredients. It has a heavenly taste that can salivate your tongue. It’s is sliced properly mixed with red onions and coconut meat for seasoning for a Crips and delightful feeling to enjoy all the flavor of kale.

6. Vegetarian Kottu:

Vegetarian Kottu

You might have heard of kottu roti or kottu and desire to taste once in a lifetime. It’s one of the most loved and popular street food in Sri Lanka that has the power to make in love you the Sri Lankan food and culture. It’s a giant paratha bent with pieces of godamba roti deep-fried with an array of spices added with mouth-watering vegetarian ingredients. Tour to Sri Lanka will not be complete without trying Kottu roti. It is kind of ‘hamburger’ yet more delicious and yummy. It’s a delightful dining-out for the street food lover found in nook and corner of the country, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

7. Cheese Kottu:

Cheese Kottu

Known as the special Quadruple bacon cheeseburger of Sri Lanka due to its extremely cheesy stuffing and delectable taste that’s worth every penny. This is one cuisine if Sri Lanka whiçh you can’t effort missing. The tempting flavor and texture of Yellow curry powder bumped with kottu and cheese makes the taste heavenly. The cheese is made up of traditional cottage milk cheese that makes kottu Cheese more special.

8. Fried Salted Fish:

Fried Salted Fish

Fish is definitely the love of Sri Lanka whiçh you can spot in every plate, cooking in unique ethnic style added with a variety of spices and herbs giving delightful and gratifying experience. Little fish, particularly my favorite are deep-fried with salt and spices makes it heavenly tasty and crunchy. The flavor and great texture are mostly served with rice and a number of other vegetarian items and salad making your dinner night perfect. Maldive fish is the most loved among the fishes found in Sri Lanka. This little fish is also taken with kunu miris, onion chilies sauce, sambal chili sauce.

9. Brinjal Eggplant/Wambatu Moju:

Wambatu Moju

Your tummy will be fulled but your taste buds will crave Brinjal Eggplant because it’s never enough. It is also known as Wambatu Moju and the most loved dish among all. The brinjal eggplant stuffed with egg and other ingredients. It is eaten as a pickle by the people of Sri Lanka, cooked with soya sauce, salt, oil, sugar, etc. and is stirred till the tender fall apart and the as sugar starts giving a different texture to caramelize. Brinjal Eggplant is love for the sweet lover and others must all try once, since the amazing taste is to die for. It is served with rice and curry and sweet item aside.

10. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry:

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

I am sure you would fall in love with Sri Lankan food once you try Chicken Curry also known as Kukul mas Curry. The incredible taste of Every Chicken Curry found in Sri Lanka is worth dying for the taste of the extremely unique yet figure-liking yummies. The spices and ingredients used which cooking Chicken is extremely unique with its own style of giving a wonderful texture which you won’t find anywhere around the world. Using coconut milk and tempting spices, the local people create some chicken dishes in the world.

11. Jaffna:


Another delicacy of Sri Lankan is Jaffna that defines the richness and diversity of the people. Jaffna is actually a northern Tamil cuisine found almost in every street and city of Sri Lanka. This delicious meal is made up of seafood curries, yellow rice, a variety of local vegetables, and unique spices. It is basically served with parathas and garnishes of onion tomato. Hotel Rolex serves the heavenly meal of Jaffna with warm hospitality.

12. Ela Batu:

Ela Batu

This delightful food is also known as the Thai Eggplant Curry due to the similarity between the ‘ela Batu’ a type of Thai green curry. During your visit to Sri Lanka you must definitely try Sri Lankan version of ela Batu’ to make your visit really worth it. Ela Batu’ is prepared with green curry sauce, small golf eggplant bent together. The major difference between the ela Batu’ in Thailand and ela Batu’ in Sri Lanka is it more delicious with less sweet flavor but filled with more spices.

13. Appa:


The mouth-watering Egg Hoopers are known as Appa bu the local people. The is the most loved and eaten ethnic food in Sri Lanka. This Egg Hoopers is rich in texture, healthy, and gives mind-blowing taste to your taste buds. It is a type of pancake made up with a splash of toddy and coconut milk. Toddy is a palm wine garnished in the pancake to give a magical flavor. Appa is cooked in a ‘wok’ to make it thicker yet soft inside and crunchy and thin edges. The taste and texture feel like Ethiopian injera bread yet softer and delicious. Hoopers are found in a variety of options like a fried egg, plain, string Hoppers, etc. The string Hoppers have thicker rice flour, squeezed noodles, batter, and steamed together. It is commonly eaten in dinner or breakfast with a variety of curry.

14. Pol Sambola:

Pol Sambola

This is a simple yet most savory and delicious spicy coconut relish that contributes to the richness of the culture. The amazing bowls of Pol Sambola will make your day and contributes largely to the world delicacies. It is prepared with lime juice, dried chilies, red onions, red onions, shredded coconut, salt, etc. Pol Sambola is loved by every tourist and locals. It tastes perfect with roti, bread or rice and curry. Many love eating plain.

15. Lunu Miris:

Lunu Miris

This is best for the food lover because I am sure you won’t be able to stop yourself having the Onion Sambol named Lani Miris. This mouth-watering Sri Lankan cuisine is prepared with onion, chilies, salt, chili sauce, added with Maldive fish for the extremely wonderful taste and flavor. Most of the spices are made in a local style using mortar and pestle that’s basically a flat stone and rolling stone to make a chunky paste.

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