18 Most Magical Sight of Sunrise & Sunset Points in India

Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset Points in India

Every day is a blessing to earth with majestic and spectacular sunrise and sunset giving strength, power, and motivation to move ahead with powerful force to achieve best in life. It is a source of energizing, inspiring, and giving hope to overcome the challenges which make your heart smile and seeks to stop the standstill for some moment. Sunrise and sunset communicate with you giving hints for all the possibilities and hugeness of the world. In the tranquility of majestic sunset, it communicates that darkness has an end waiting for the morning sunrise given the light of hope.

India is a paradise of diverse beauty and culture with magnificent places that attract tourists from around the world. India also has a rich history with astonishing architecture made by our forefathers. Sunrise and Sunset points in India has something to very special starting from morning praying to Surya Dev (God of Sun), practicing yoga facing the sunrise, to harvesting and to running safely home. I am sure many among you enchant and love receiving the first sunrise and sunrise which scientist has also proved that it’s a source of energy which lives in the heart of every Indian.

Unfortunately, Sunrise and Sunset is also that part of every mountain drawing in the childhood where few elements were compulsory like a river flowing, some trees, one small hut, the sun behind the mountain, some birds flying amidst the dense cloud, etc. Well, these beautiful memories are close to everyone’s heart. Along with beautiful sunrise and sunset, you can experience in India, you can also explore never-seen beauty in world like deserts, mountains, forts, diverse culture, foods, beaches, cruises, and what not to offer to best of vacation.

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Explore Some of the Breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset Point in India

Darjeeling, Tiger Hill
Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari
Orissa, Puri
Pushkar, Rajasthan
Agra, Taj Mahal
Kerala, Kovalam Beach
Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi
Rajasthan, Jodhpur
Assam, Brahmaputra River
Meghalaya, Umiam Lake
Gujrat, Rann of Kutch
Goa, Palolem Beach
Madhya Pradesh, Rajendragiri Sunset Point
Maharashtra, Wilson Point
Jammu and Kashmir, Nubra Valley
Assam, Majuli
Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli
Marine Drive Cochin

Darjeeling, Tiger Hill:

Every morning and evening, Sun will compel you to adore over again in Darjeeling giving you a treat to your eyes. The pictorial heaven of Heaven, Darjeeling is rich in nature, mountains, bridge, river, flowers, dripping pine trees, and many more to offers you paradise-like feel. The breathtaking vistas and magical sunrises are must be watching from the mountains and Tiger Hill. It is a magnificent view of sunrise and sunrise lighting bright on Kanchenjunga Mountain.

Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari:

Located in southernmost India encircled by the 3 most popular and splendid oceans and seas of India i.e. The Indian Ocean, The Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. So, now you can already feel the magical beauty in Kanyakumari especially the morning sunshine and phenomena sunset. In fact, tourist whoever have experienced the sunset and sunrise in Kanyakumari have experienced the universe of mesmerizing beauty. The orange sun facing the pine trees conveying the message and livelihood that indulge in you the unknown power to fight any circumstances with extreme fondness and confidence.

Orissa, Puri:

The spectacular beaches sophisticate the sunrise and sunset in Puri with an incredible view to offer. Every sunrise and sunset is a beautiful poem written about the universe with a unique language of warmth, light, power, and love. Every sunrise inviting to brighten the day and every Sunset giving hint to end the day. This expands to the Bay of Bengal by lighting all the horizon in golden shades giving you a magical touch altogether.

Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Every day you stand before facing the sunrise and sunset, due to unbelievable beauty you have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. The sunshine and sunset ranging from Aravalli and Pushkar Lake make the place a more wonderful and marvelous sight. Every sunset has a story to convey by painting the universe with the magical color of joy and love that is warm and magnificent in itself.

Agra, Taj Mahal:

The land of love and dynasty of Shahjahan and beloved MumTaj Mahal. Agra is admired for all for a magical view of sunrise and sunset. It is rightly said that; “There is always a way and always hope in the next sunrise, and in the next second, and in the next minute”. The enchanting color of the sun compelling you to adore, admire and also capture the wonder in the frame. Behind the Seven Wonders of the World lies the evening view that you cannot effort experiencing colorful cornucopia.

Kerala, Kovalam Beach:

Water bodies are certainly the best place to experience a glimpse of splendid beauty majestic sunshine and sunset that brightens the world with color of strength. Undoubtedly, the most attractive tourist visited place is Kovalam beach with the enchanting color of sun to begin the day with great hope and end with a better day. Although you feel difficult to get up in the morning you won’t regret getting up on your visit to Kerala and experience the hidden magic.

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Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi:

As the sun rises, the blue sky colors itself with magical golden color and ambitious dance to make the day bright with the morning breeze. It is rightly said that every sunset and sunrise is a message for the locals and in ancient times, people were about to tell the accurate time by identifying the direction of the sun. Varanasi is a religious place with thousands of tourists every day. It is also popular for enchanting, delightful, and charming sunrise and sunset. Varanasi is a city offering interesting history from Nirvana, god Krishna, Ganga River and many more vantage points.

Rajasthan, Jodhpur:

Jodhpur is the royal city of Rajasthan with ancient fort and dynasties like Mehrangarh Fort and many more fort and captivating points to visit. Sunrise and Sunset I’m Jodhpur are astonishing in nature known as a paradise for photography and capturing the dream-like sight of the city. The single glimpse of sunrise in the morning can make your day bright and visit in Jodhpur’s success and worth remembering. Tourist points like Jaswant Thada and Rao Jodha are the best place where you can kiss the sun and catch the beautiful glimpse.

Assam, Brahmaputra River:

How can we forget to include the Brahmaputra in the lost, The 2nd largest mighty river of Assam, India. The incredible beauty of mighty river Brahmaputra extending from upper Assam to Lower is the Pride and a celebration. Watching the magical sight of Sunrise and Sunset is the most pleasant feeling ever. The view gives you the tranquility of existence and vastness giving life’s and hopes to live happily. The reflection of light in the color, multi-colored sky and the birds flying over it gives majestic feeling ever. The sun falling from east to west and changing colors as if someone has painted beautifully to shower the feeling of love and wanders.

Meghalaya, Umiam Lake:

Meghalaya, the unexplored paradise of the North-eastern part of India attracting lakhs of tourists from around the world. The feeling of heart-warming beauty by getting a glimpse of the sun is totally magical that can’t be put together in words. The most peaceful and nature-friendly place in India having crystal clear sky and clouds telling stories around the trees and rivers and lakes gives the most beautiful view of the sun in India. If you really enjoy mountains, streams, and nature, there can no better place than visiting Meghalaya. The multi-colored sky covers blue, orange, red, golden, white giving you an incredible and phenomena sight of beauty that is white, red, orange and golden colors. Sunsets and sunrises are magnificent to look at.

Gujrat, Rann of Kutch:

The vastness of the sky, the fairy tale of the fully colored universe, thousands of birds enjoying the majesty of joy, music treating the ears, flowers, and butterflies enjoying the unity, wind singing the joyful song is the captivating view of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Thought this is one of the hottest places in India, along the Rann of Kutch, you can experience the most pleasant and delightful feeling of sunrise and sunset. The mesmerizing beauty can be experienced best in the Rann festival which lasts for 3 long months where people from all around the visit.

Goa, Palolem Beach:

It is rightly said; “Sunrise is the reminder that we can start new beginning all over again.” In Palolem beach, the mighty nature rejoicing itself showing the greatness and glory of God. The sunrise and Sunset giving the tourist and local the hope to meaning to live. The Wooden huts that add more beauty to the place that is unmatchable. Goa is the most visited place in India known for its beaches and highly fashionable culture. The view during the evening time given the tourist the best treat to vacation adding exquisiteness.

Madhya Pradesh, Rajendragiri Sunset Point:

A blush on her face as the first kiss melt our hearts and dances with happiness to continue the day with new hope, such as the beauty of Rajendragiri Sunset Point in Madhya Pradesh. The scenic view during the first sunrise and sunset is magically ranging from Satpura to Dhupgarh. The incredible and exquisite sights of the garden add to its beauty of incredibility. This is best for the hill station love giving you a dream-like sequence.

Maharashtra, Wilson Point:

The real happiness is the multi-colored magical beauty of the sun rising and setting, birds chirping around to rejoice the festival with music and dance. These little things add extreme happiness to life which catching the dream-like sight of might sky and sun. Wilson Point is popularly known for an incredible view of sunrise located in the dream city, Mumbai. Unfortunately, Mahabaleshwar is the most mesmerizing vacation point offering you adventure and peace at the same time. You can also visit Pratapgaf fort, veena lake, Arthur’s seat, waterfall, etc.

Jammu and Kashmir, Nubra Valley:

The pride of India which tops in all the magnificent and loved destinations in India, ranging from Ladakh to Nubra Valley. The valley is breath-taking in all sense to enjoy the exquisite beauty of morning sunrise and sunset. During the evening time, the sky shows various shades of orange that have given hope of light. The valley is in the midst of arid mountain, stark slopes, deeply-cut shatok, scenic beauty, snows, and Nubra river valley.

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Assam, Mahuli:

How can we miss the largest Island in the world, Majuli in the bank of mighty river Brahmaputra? Colored beautifully with golden lavender dancing in the music of saffron. Most people in Majuli start the day with morning sunrise and end with the sunset when is sky seems painted beautifully with an artistic color. The Assamese culture is rich taking grandeur in customs, dress, food, dance, song, etc. It flows in the vastness of the incredible Brahmaputra attracting visitors from around the world.

Marine Drive Cochin:

Have you ever seen magic happening around you and talking to you secretly and making you feel powerful? Could you remember the last morning or evening when you eyes couldn’t resist and incredible Beauty of sunset and sunrise? The multi-shade orange painted sky in Maine drive in Cochin will leave to astonished with it’s magical and exquisitely beautiful view. The sun is the hope for the people living in Cochin and a captivating attraction for the tourist to catch the sun kiss atleast once in the lifetime.

Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli:

Sunrise and sunset in Kasauli along with other heart-melting destination to discover yourself. This is the best escape you can ever have with exotic and exquisite views to offers. Hill station and snow lover cannot effort missing visiting Kasauli once in the lifetime to treat you with magnificent panoramic and serenity glimpse. Kasauli is one of the favorite destinations to enjoy the magical art of the universe in the form of sun rising and sunset. Almighty conveying a message of hope, love, and peace. There is absolutely a reason that people can’t erase the memory captured in Kasauli.

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