15 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Islands are one of the most favorable places for vacations. People all around the world prefer Islands as their first priority to make their vacations more amazing. The island is the perfect place where people go to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise views. For adventure lovers, the sea side is the best place to experience all the water underwater and above water activities. Beaches give you relaxation from your hectic life under the beach-side chairs. Here we tell you about top-beaches where you can go with your loved ones and catch all the remarkable memories for a life-time. Here is the List of most beautiful islands in the world:

Bora Bora
Ko Phi Phi
St Lucia
Easter Island
Faroe Islands

1// Maldives

Maldives is a small island which is located in South Asia. This place becomes one of the best destinations for lovebirds and makes best memories. Maldives has a warm and tropical climate which is a perfect place to relax under the beautiful views. In this aqua beauty, make your stay in over-water, underwater and enjoy sunbath with classic wines and cold beers. With your loved ones, enjoy scuba-diving, snorkeling and all water activities. Tourists come to this heaven to celebrate the best part of their life.

2// Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island which is located in the northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia which is all surrounded by turquoise lagoon and sand-fringed and it is famous for scuba diving. This amazing place is full of luxurious resorts where tourists come and enjoy their quality time at the bungalows. These booked bungalows make their stay in a royal place with all luxurious services over the water beauty. At this place, you can view Mt. Otemanu 727m dormant volcano.

3// Santorini

Santorini is a small Cyclades Island which is located in the Aegean Sea. Due to the busted volcano eruption in the 16th century, it takes the rugged landscape shape, tourists come from all around the world to view this historic place. This beautiful place is well-known for its whitewashed cubiform washes with its two towns Fira and Oia above the water. Here, you view the sea beauty from all nearby islands to the west side and most adorable beaches which covers with red, black and creamy white lava pebbles.

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4// Seychelles

Seychelles is a home place to all numerous beaches near about 115 amazing granite islands including all natural reserve beauty, coral reefs with all unique species such as Aldabra tortoise, black parrot and giant. This lush green island is covered with sea beauty including mountain rain forests and amazing beaches such as Anse Takamaka and Vallon. Each and every island of this place has its extraordinary beauty; people come to love to there to explore this wonderland.

5// Bali

Bali is a beautiful greenery island in Indonesia. This place is well-known for its iconic beaches, coral reefs, rice paddies and abundant volcanic mountains. This destination is especially famous for worship places such as Uluwatu temple. At the south city of this beach side you can enjoy all live concerts. Most of the tourists come to this place to live in a peaceful environment because this place gives you world’s best meditation retreats and yoga.

6// Palawan

Palawan Island is one of the best places which is located in the mimaropa region of the Philippines. This place is especially famous for the amazing diving sites such as shipwrecks. This magical place is full of natural parks, bays, turquoise inland lakes, hidden caves and lagoons. For travel lovers, who want to explore all beautiful places to collect the memories, this place is the best choice which gives you unforgettable memories.

7// Lofoten

Lofoten is a little island which is situated in the land of Nordland. This beautiful destination is well-known for its natural distinctive sceneries with high peaks and beautiful mountains. At this place, you can experience the world’s tallest elevated temperature anomalies which are related to its high latitude. This place is full of sheltered bays, untouched lands and beaches. Tourists from all over the world come here to spend their quality time and mark it remarkable for a lifetime memory.

8// Ko Phi Phi

The Ko Phi Phi is an iconic island which makes a beautiful bond between the straits of Malacca and Phuket. Phi Phi is one of the most visited and largest islands where tourists love to explore all nearby hotspot destinations including all beach places . This largest island is covered in 12.25 square miles. This island is all around with Limestone Mountains having caves, cliffs and amazing white sandy beaches. This destination is the best home of coral and marine life. For all sea lovers, this is the perfect place to enjoy with lifetime’s best memories.

9// Galapagos

The Galapagos volcanic island is one of the world’s famous destinations to admire the wildlife beauty which is located in the Pacific Ocean. It covers nearly 1000 km where you find the world’s best species of plants and animals. The most special thing about this place is that Charles Darwin visited there to observe all the species. For wildlife lovers, this destination is a well-suited place to meet with the world’s best species. Most of the tourists come to this place to catch all the wildlife stories with their elegant cameras.

10// Mallorca

Mallorca Island is the best place while exploring Spain. This well-known place is famous for sheltered cove, Roman and Moorish, Limestone Mountains, beach resorts and Moorish. At this Capital Palma, you can view amazing nightlife and enjoy all the sparkle with your loved ones to make your eve special. Stone-built is the most favorable place for all visitors where they must to experience and feel all the cultural and traditional activities such as music festival, hillside Fornalutx, and many more cultural activities.

11// St Lucia

St Lucia is a Caribbean island with dramatically mountains and Pitons on the west coast side. This coast place is home for reef-diving sites, fishing villages, luxury resorts and volcanic beaches. The place comes with interior rain forest up to 15m high. Here tourists come to view the volcanic beaches with cliff tops, lush green rain forests, and amazing waterfalls. Here you can enjoy the Caribbean dance parties and make your eve memorable with your favourite food and drinks.

12// Easter Island

Easter Island is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia which becomes the most favorable destination to admire the historic monuments. This beautiful destination is full of 900 monumental statues which are known as moai. The moai are carved figures as per human resemblance with huge size heads resting on the stone pedestals which is known as ahus Ahu Tongariki which carries the highest group of moai. At this beautiful island, you can relax and enjoy amazing beaches, also experience the ancient petroglyphs, remote caves, and amazing cycling routes. This place is full of famous cultural activities and Rapa Nui dancing is one of the world’s famous traditional activities.

13// WhitSundays

Whitsunday Island is lying on the coast of Queensland Australia where you can enjoy the beauty of dense rainforests, sand beaches and hiking trails. Airlie Beach is considered to be the central hub in the main region. This destination is favourable for all wild lovers; this place is full of sea turtles, dolphins, wallabies, whales, kangaroos and saltwater crocodiles. At this beautiful island, you can enjoy all under water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing. As this island, you can enjoy the sunbath under the beach side umbrella chairs with beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

14// Faroe Islands

The Faroe Island is one of the self-governing parts of the Denmark Kingdom. This volcanic island is situated in-between Norway and Iceland which comprises 18 rocks. The path of the rock creates a connection with a road tunnel way, bridges and causeways to make a bond between them. This natural park gives most iconic natural views with unique species of seabirds, for bird lovers and hikers; this is one of the most favorable places. Here tourists come to get relief under mountain beauty with grassy heath land.

15// Kauai

Kauai Island is the central pacific segment of the Hawaiian. It is also known as “the Garden Isle” because of its tropical rain forest coverage specialization. At this place you can explore the dramatics cliffs along with pinnacles of its Na Pali Coast where biggest Hollywood movies serve, Nounou Giant mountain ridge and Waimea Canyon. This beautiful island gives the best experience to mark the best memories in your travel diaries. For adventure places, this place is the perfect destination to meet new adventures.

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