Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in The World

Most Magnificent Waterfalls in the World

The World is full of wonders, incredible beauty, adventure & Charm, and never-end reason to cherish and smile for Wonderful things around us but we fail to discover. When the entire world is rushing towards artificial joy and beauty, the sounds and the power of pounding water of the waterfall flowing amid nature giving hope to keep moving happily is where happiness, freedom, and peace is found.

The magical view of the white-foamy water drowning over the huge rocks, the cool wind-wave & shower of water, nature adding to the freshness, etc. In reality, the incredible beauty of the world’s most beautiful waterfall can only be a witness and felt. People who love adventure and visiting the perfect water sites, must-visits the top 10 Waterfalls in the world. If you want visit most beautiful islands in the world explore here.

Magnificent waterfalls around the world demonstrate the beauty of nature and not only offers adventurous trip but also a peaceful trip living a lifetime memory. These sites are also a perfect pictorial destination for the photograph to display different sides of stories that are shooting to your eyes and serenity to your soul. From world tallest, grandest falls, to most splendid waterfall should be in your bucket list of travel destinations around the world.

Waterfall has something so magical from powerful & roaring to calmness to tranquility which you can watch for hours and feel the serenity. Waterfalls are the most loved and visited attractions globally to enjoy the spectacular and captivating attractions.

Here is the List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World



It is rightly said that; God is incredible for discovering wonder through the unbelievable creature making the world admirable. The roaring of the waterfall, the wonder of the sunset sky, the artistic beauty of sounds, vastness of countless stars, and freshness of the forest. Iguassu Falls in Argentina is the most magical waterfall in the world with the periphery catering 2 Km and 1000 cubic/Sec meter. This is the most incredible waterfall leading the list that is a combination of 275 individual cascades and waterfalls. Iguassu Falls is surrounded by rainforest and natural attractions are the most romantic, adventurous, and tranquil experience ever. This waterfalls is the head-over-the-shoulders of tourist and includes in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast.

Where: Puerto Iguazú, Argentina / Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil



Nature is the best creation and art. Waterfalls are powerful, exciting, adventurous, and a source of hope. The rainbows above the waterfalls are a magical glimpse of the rainbow and the sound of water shooting the ear with the music of love and craziness. Kaieteur fall is the best example of the magnificent beauty of nature. It is one of the tallest and grandest single fall waterfalls around the world which is 741ft tall and wide of 370 ft. It is located in the Patara River, Guyana, and includes in the top 10 most magnifying waterfalls in the world due to the wonderful experience of most pristine rainforest on earth! Kaieteur Falls is also a popular destination for wildlife settings and the beauty of nature.

Where: Potaro River, Guyana



Nature is courage and powerful hope. At Niagara Falls, live the liveliest dream in front of your eyes, feeling the music of bird, roaring sound of water, and also the most romantic waterfall in the world. Niagara Fall is the most famous and highest tourist attractions in North America and is recorded as the largest waterfall in the world by its volume with an average of 7000 cubic/sec meter. It’s also convenient to reach and easily accessible. It is a perfect destination for photographers to click memories within the frame at all angles. You would love visiting this waterfall again and again, and every time you will be awe-struck by the beauty and vastness. The incredible nature is a peace to your eyes which you should visit before you die.

Where: Ontario, Canada / New York, USA



Victoria Falls is simply loved and has the power to feel in love with the cold bridge, crystal clear water, serene music of birds singing, soothing sound, peaceful surroundings, huge rock, etc. It is the largest waterfall in the world with 108 m height, 17 km width, and an average water flow of 1 million liters falling every second. Victoria Falls is also named as the Smoke &Thunder and has been considered as the UNESCO World Heritage site. It has also been included in the world 7 natural wonders. At Victoria Falls you would experience the wonders of earth and the spectacular sightseeing. One of the highest attraction of Zimbabwe that keeps everyone awe-struck and loved with the world.

Where: Livingstone, Zambia / Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe



I believe, nature brings solace in your trouble, and Yosemite Falls is one powerful destination that can turn your sorrow into joy and serenity, to forget artificial world complications into love with nature and world. This is one of the tallest Waterfall in the world though it doesn’t flow throughout the year. However, “ you would simply fall in love with the mesmerizing beauty, power of pounding water, roaring soothing sound, the waves, little droplets of water falling on your face that serve as the crow. Jewels of California. Emerald slopes are so tall that they look like touching the sky and sky painted in the color of the rainbow. This should be in your bucket list given the tourist attractions, accessibility, generic beauty, sheer size, etc.

Where: Yosemite National Park (California), USA



Dettifoss is Europe’s most powerful and mesmerizing waterfalls. Nature paints the world with beautiful color and limitless magical creation that is just a relief for our eyes. This Waterfall is 44m height and 500 cubic-meter per sec and serves as the perfect destination for some spectacular shot from aerial shot to close-up shot. You would enjoy watching the crystal clear water standing gloriously with the fists on your hips, adore the marvelous creation of God. It is located at the edge of wonderful Jökulsárgljúfur that is the Icelandic form of the Grand Canyon. Dettifoss is surrounded by three great other waterfalls adjoining the same river. The majestic sightseeing of the landscape can only be felt, enjoyed, and viewed with the lenses of your eyes. Tourists visits from around the world to experience the unbelievable beauty of nature.

Where: Vatnajökull (Jökulsárgljúfur) National Park, Iceland


“When the moonlight and the waterfall come together, all other things fade from the scene!” The waterfall makes nature laugh and inspires us to adore every little thing around us. Kaieteur fall is God’s beautiful creature and is one of the tallest single flow waterfalls with 370 ft wide and 741ft tall. This waterfall flows is rectangular-shaped and is located at the ancient Guyana Shield amid pristine rainforest. The place has the power to rejoice your heart with joy amidst the wildlife setting and nature that smiles. This is one waterfall that you would definitely visit and must be surely in your bucket list.

Where: Potaro River, Guyana



Romance and love often start with a splashing waterfall and offer unforgettable memories. The Plitvice waterfall is the world-famous attraction due to the single yet tallest waterfall in the world with countless networks adjoining. Crystal clear water is magic and dream at Plitvice that everyone should experience to enjoy the tranquil lake, powerful yet breathtaking waterfall flowing with fresh water, and rainbow defining the beauty of the rock, river, sky, nature and water wave flowing around with your hope. Seeing the beauty of the Plitvice waterfall, my heart desired and I kept looking at the wonder of water flow for hours. My desert soul smiled after a long time and all sorrow I carried rushed away with the water flow, leaving only the beautiful memory.

Where: Northern Dalmatia, Croatia



Gullfoss Waterfalls are lively in mature with roaring sound of water flowing down the river, birds sing happily, cool wings sending a silent message in your hear, huge rocks defining the beauty surrounded by rain forest. This is one of the most magical waterfalls in the world according to me due to the attractions of the golden circle of Iceland with crystal clear water. Gufffoss is a waterfall with wild gardens and glaciers and wide waterfall flowing down the river Hvita at 90-degree angles. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iceland with unique shape and captivating sightseeing. You will be lucky enough to catch the wonderful rainfall and the sunset sky painted with beautiful color with a golden waterfall.

Where: Haukadalur, Iceland



After visiting the Sutherland fall you would feel the wonderful and unmatchable creation and discovery of the world that is far far ahead from the chaos of the artificial world. You should not miss the magical view of this waterfall during the sunset and sunrise, the symphony of the peaceful sound of both water and birds, forest that gives incredible tranquility to heart. Sutherland fall is the most popular tourist destination in New Zealand attracting thousands of tourists in a single day. This mesmerizing fall is 580 m tall and known as the land of while cloud. It is located in the remote village of New Zeland amidst the Fiordland National Park. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for the richness of flora and fauna and is remarked as the Milford Track. It is said to be one of the greatest and finest waterfalls in the world with a combination of all sorts of natural beauty.

Indeed, this waterfall had a lot going for it, and we just had to make room for it on this list.

Where: Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

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