Jaisalmer is the western city of Indian state Rajasthan that is situated in the heart of the Thar desert. The city is called golden city owing to the charming deserts, regal palaces, forts and heritage sites that marvel the beholders. In other words, it is the most preserved city of Rajasthan that is an ideal fit for the tourists who wants to dig in the ancient era of culture and royalty. The beauty of Jaisalmer needs no explanation as it welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. The sand dunes, camel rides, stunning fortifications and chivalric appeal all witness the grandeur and glory of the place.

The Spectacular City of Richness and Grandeur

The city introduces you to the richness of the culture and the history of the past rulers. Its forts are scarred that testify the wars and battles in the royal era. You’ll be amazed by the marvellous beauty of the city and would love to explore it to its core. There are plenty of beautiful attractions for visitors that will take your breath and leave you wonderstruck with its majestic charm. The ‘Jaisalmer Fort’ which is quite famous owing to its huge size and also called ‘Golden Fort’. It displays the praiseworthy Rajasthani architecture and become a lovely site to behold in the nighttime.

You can also take a walk along ‘Bada Bagh’ and explore the enchanting architecture amidst the green environment. It has a stunning view that allows photography and videography to reminisce the memory of the beautiful city. If you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer, there are numerous other attractions that draw the eyes of the tourists that include:

  • Patwon Ki Haveli
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Desert National Park
  • Sam Sand dunes
  • Sadar Bazaar
  • Amar Sagar Lake
  • Surya Gate
  • Khuri Sand Dunes

The most ideal time to visit Jaisalmer and enjoy beautiful attractions is in winter from November to March. During this time the weather is pleasant and breezy in Jaisalmer enable you to indulge in sightseeing. You can also enjoy other activities during this time that includes desert safaris, hot air ballooning, boating and many more in Rajasthan. The travellers can easily get there by road travelling from Indira Gandhi International Airport that serves as the major airport in India.

The place is ideal to plan your vacation in winters with your family and friends that you would remember forever. You can enjoy the various activities in the daytime and spend a night with locals to relish their delicacies.


India is a country which has something for everyone despite the fact that it has different kinds of travellers with different choices and preferences. And if you are an adventure enthusiast and love to explore the activities then you are born in the right place. The country is blooming with the places that have adventurous activities in store for you. The high mountain ranges, rivers, lush green landscapes and wild animals all collectively create opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to learn more. The country has plenty of adventurous locations that you must visit to explore the options.

Challenging Places for Adventure Enthusiasts

The travellers from around the world come and experience the thrills and activities that make the adrenaline rush into your body. These fascinating places offer real adventure to different types of tourists and satiate their craving for that thrilling experience. These places are known to be for those who appreciate the adventure sports and welcomes travellers for the following activities.

● Paragliding
● Water-rafting
● Bungee jumping
● Trekking
● Ski diving

The different places in India have diverse kind of adventure for the thrill-seeking tourists. The hills, climate, river and landscapes make these activities ideal for the tourists that come from various parts of the country. These places will definitely put out the adventure lover from you and delight you with the unmatched pleasure. You get to take up these activities with proper guidance and observance of the guides. Here are some of the mind-boggling adventurous places in India that are perfect for all the travellers.

● Bir Billing
● Rishikesh
● Ladakh
● Andaman Islands
● Rajasthan


India is a country where you will find the deserted area in many parts and the deserted area makes the perfect lands for tourism. The deserts in India invites tourists and travellers from different parts of the country and out of the country and render many activities, adventure and fun with a cultural introduction. Tourists come to these deserts to spend their holidays and disconnect from the hustle of the city which makes them close the deserted landscapes, the lifestyle of people living here and set their mind at ease. The relaxation helps them restart their life with full concentration and be fruitful.

Adventurous and Fun-filled trip in Indian Deserts

The deserts in different parts of the country deliver stunning views, dusk and dawn that you might have never experienced and a glimpse of the life of locals who have adopted the surroundings. You can see the grasslands, dry salt lake marks, sand dunes and subtropical desert that gives you some nice clicks to take back with you. Travellers indulge in various activities in the safari tours that include sand boarding, camel riding, quad biking, traditional drum circle and dune bashing at following deserts in India.

● The great Rann of Kutch
● The Thar desert
● Pushkar
● Bikaner
● Nubra valley

The deserts are the places that can be your playground so you can indulge in various activities that enhance the quality and fun of your trip. These deserts offer regional food that makes it a treat for travellers from outside the region. You can feel the freedom in the open-air, stare at the sky and do whatever makes you happy to make your trip memorable.


The heritage sites in India is a glorious extravaganza representation of its rich culture in history. India has many cultural heritage sites in the form of architectural monuments, minarets and structures. There are many structures and monuments in India that have been recognized by the UNESCO and have become the top attractions for national and international tourists. Each and every site has its own story behind its construction and beautiful architectural work that makes it unique from others.

Significance of the Heritage Sites

These heritage sites are preserved from generations and will continue to be as they have global importance. Thousands of visitors every year visit these sites to explore and appreciate the magnificence and architectural beauty. Every time travellers visit these sites, they leave them spellbound with notable appeal. The huge mass of travellers that travel from around the world justifies the beauty of these natural and cultural sites. Here are a few of these listed:

● Taj Mahal
● Monuments of Khajuraho
● Monuments at Hampi
● The Sun temple
● Ajanta & Ellora caves

These architectural sites were built years back by the many emperors and kings during their reign in the country. They are preserved by mankind in order to retain them protected and maintained for their generations to come so that they can have something of their culture to cherish forever. They are exceptionally constructed with exotic artwork, paintings, architectural skills, ceilings and have the utmost importance in the culture. Tourists visit these sites to experience the dignity and royal & cultural lifestyle of ancient people.


India is popularly known as the place for religious tourism, temples and ancient pilgrimage sites with spiritual significance. These famous religious places attract the tourists and devotees from every corner of the world owing to the richness of the culture, architecture and multiple religion that dwells in the country with unity. The country carries dignity and spirituality towards every religion that you can feel while traversing through the religious place in the country. It has a large number of temples, mosque, church and gurudwaras and other religious places that carry equally the massive respect and importance among people.

Explore the Famous Sites of Spiritual Significance

People plan and travel to the mountains and different parts of the country to offer their prayers and witness the beauty of these shrines. They feel the presence of the divine and connect to the supreme power while they visit the ancient spiritual sites. Due to their great importance in diverse religion, travellers in manifolds come to throng the places from across the nation. Some of the most popular spiritual places in India include:

The Golden temple
● Kedarnath
● Badrinath
● Tirupati Balaji
● Char Dham

These fascinating religious places are a meeting place of history and spirituality that inspires the travellers of almost every age to come and dedicate their service to the divine. These religious places showcase the dedication of humans towards the supreme and make them extraordinary sites with their devotion. All of these sites are must-visit for everyone who wants to receive countless blessings and explore history and religion.


India has a large number of rivers, streams and water bodies flowing along with the cities and create the picturesque waterfronts that attracts the city dwellers and tourists across the various regions. It has a few of the best waterfronts that entices people to come and indulge in water-based activities including rafting, boating, paragliding and many more. Owing to these beautiful scenes and adventure activities, these waterfronts marks a high number of tourists’ involvement from around the country.

Mesmerizing waterfronts

The country has a vast number of waterfronts that makes the best tourists spot in the towns. You can even plan your summer vacation to these waterfronts that have stunning views and tranquility for special getaways. These mighty waterfronts offer mesmerizing views, equating sunset & sunrise and peaceful tour to the city. We are listing a few of the most attractive waterfronts that are famous nation-wide.

● Seaside promenade, Pondicherry
● Necklace road, Hyderabad
● Dal Lake, Srinagar
● Triveni Sangam, Allahabad
● Hooghly riverfront, Kolkata

Myriad of Activities to do

These waterfronts have some religious significance among the people and thousands of tourists visit them every year just to witness the unparalleled charm of nature. You can discover cafes, lush green mountains, houseboats and recreational activities to spend the perfect family holiday for rejuvenation. Indulge in following stuff to make your holidays super memorable.

● Luxuriate in adventurous activities in the sea or river water.
● Relish in local delish food and delicacies around the riverside.
● Stay at a resort and enjoy the relaxing spas and treatments.
● Look at the horizon and feel the tranquility of nature.

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