Delicious Beers You Must Try in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean which is belonging to the Africa Continent. In this fascinating beach, you can enjoy your vacation with a jaw-dropping scene. While exploring this beautiful island, enjoy all the famous beer of Mauritius and makes your vacation more enjoyable.

Mauritius view with cold beer gives you next-level relaxation, whether you are lounging lazily on a beach-side chair to feel relax or enjoy the delicious food, beer is one of the best partners. Especially for beer lovers, you must come to this place to enjoy the world’s best beers. So here we tell you about the bundle of beer adventure, at this wanderlust island enjoy classic beer and make it remarkable memory for a lifetime.

1// Phoenix Beer


Phoenix Beverage is one of the oldest and favorite brewery for all tourists in Mauritius, it was stated in 1960. They offer the best beers with huge choices that are on the top of the beer’s list on this island. Phoenix beer is one of the most favorable beers which has a very light taste with a 5% alcohol rating and goes with little warm weather also. This beer is called “Golden Lager” which is given by its manufacturer. It is just a pale lager and little bit malty grainy flavor with a bit of sweetness and little bitterness.

2// Phoenix Fresh Lemon

Another great flavor is offered by the Phoenix Beverages. At the beachside, this natural lemon-flavored beer is the perfect match to take full advantage of sea beauty. It has lemon taste with an aroma of grains with 3.5 % alcohol which gives you a refreshed mood while relaxing at the beach.

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3// Chimay Blue/ Grande Reserve


In Mauritius, you can enjoy all flavored beer whereas Grande Reserve beer is one of the strongest beers with a 9% alcohol rating. This fizz beer has an aroma of fresh yeast taste with a little rose mind to make you more refresh. In Mauritius, this is one of the most consumed beers.

4// Heineken


This amazing beer is 100% barley malt with fizzy and foamy texture. This beer is specifically suitable for Mauritius weather with a 5 % alcohol rating. You can enjoy this bitter hop flavor while relaxing at the beach.

5// Troubadour Blood


Whenever you go to Mauritius, you must try this cold beer. This beer is double-fermented with a 6.5% alcohol rating. This authentic beer has a little bitterness and a small taste of spicy elements. With each side view, this hazy golden beer will make your day.

6// Stella Pils


Stella Pils is one of the most loving beers in Mauritius which is offered by Phoenix Beverage. You can enjoy this chilled beer and collect all Mauritius memories. This cold beer served with less bitterness and light yellow color. The taste of this beer is just corn with the little aroma of hay grass and very light sweet malt.

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7// Phoenix Special Beer


In Mauritius, this special beer has a unique refined formula with 6.5% alcohol content which is quite more than the Phoenix beer. It is served with a golden color with an acquired taste. When you are in Mauritius, you must try this new flavor.

8// Africana Beer


This amazing beer is served by the African Beverage company. It has sweet grainy with little caramel touch to make it more refresh. This thin foaming beer has 5% alcohol. This is one of the most preferred cold beers in Mauritius because of its little sweet taste.

9// Flying Dodo Old Style Belgian Wit


Enjoy this spicy flavor with litter lemon, chili, pepper and orange peel. This is served with hint of coriander, orange peel, lemon, and pepper amazing taste, you must love it. It is offered by the Flying Dodo Brewing with Belgian white Ale style beer brewed.

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