10 Best Things to Do in Hong Kong

There is no question that Hong Kong will render you speechless with all that it has in its store. Known as a glamorous city all around the world, Hong Kong is considered a top choice for all those who don’t think about going on a shopping spree. Aside from pouring great shopping options upon those who need no reason, the city-state is immensely soaked in history and culture. Even its stunning skyline will fascinate you deep inside. You would be at a loss for words when it comes to describing the energy of this astonishing city.

When touring around in Hong Kong, you will find something distinctive and intriguing in every corner, be it an ancient temple or a shop selling the most up-to-date gadget. Moreover, you can find incredibly beautiful beaches, islands, hiking trails, and mountains in this town to take golden memories back home.

Read on to find ten best things you can do in a city as impressive as Hong Kong.

1. Star Ferry:

When you come to Hong Kong, you cannot afford to miss Star Ferry. It transfers guests between the Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island and provides the most picturesque route throughout the city with a lasting appeal. The captivating views of the renowned Hong Kong skyline at night will leave you mesmerized.

You will take pride in becoming a spectator to several soaring skyscrapers Hong Kong has been boasting for years. Dating back to 1880, Star Ferry costs only a couple of dollars to ride, which makes it one of the finest deals to grab in the entire city.

2. Hong Kong Skyline:

Not only one of the world’s most stunning but recognizable, you don’t want to even think of overlooking the majestic Hong Kong skyline. Situated on the island of Hong Kong and in Kowloon, you will come across a closely packed collection of skyscrapers which are merged with bordering mountains and harbor.

At the nighttime, the character of the skyline changes completely as the city is fully illuminated. Witnessing the beauty of skyline from the top of Victoria Peak or from the Kowloon waterfront is something that will be etched in your mind for years.

3. Symphony of Lights:

One of the most popular attractions for locals and tourists alike is Symphony of Lights – a 15-minute light and sound show. If you want to get the most out of this spectacular light show, make sure you make it by 8pm, and you will take pleasure in laser lights, decoration lights, and digital fireworks that spark off from 45 buildings along the Victoria Harbour.

This breathtaking light and sound show was dubbed as the “World’s largest permanent light and sound show” by Guinness World Records. The Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai and the Avenue of Stars on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade are the finest places you can have a quality time at.

4. Po Lin Monastery:

Po Lin signifies “precious lotus”. This monastery is one of the well-known attractions in Hong Kong that attract a lot of people to enjoy its opulence. Aside from being the one of the most splendid temples in China, the monastery is also home to the “Big Buddha” measuring more than 100 feet high. This statue, which is made of bronze and positioned in the cross-legged repose, this status is one of a kind. The views of the landscape are incredible. You can look forward to enjoying a delectable vegetarian cuisine by monks.

5. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue):

Sitting above Po Lin monastery on the Lantau Island is Big Buddha. The monastery used to be quite isolated place until the colossal statue was built in 1993. The Big Buddha statue took more than a decade to complete and its size is really surprising, when you get up close and personal with it from a distance. Also, the setting here is staggering, which is bordered by the green forest and those stunning views over the ocean.

Even though you can take a bus to this amazing tourist attracting, the Ngong Ping cable car is the best way to get there. It is a 25-minute ride over water, mountains, and forest. The ride will terminate at the Ngong Ping Village. From there you will have to walk before getting there at the nursery and Big Buddha statue.

6. Street Markets:

Odds are you will inadvertently encounter one of the shopping markets when taking a tour of the city. The shopping is simply the best in Hong Kong and its diverse street markets will spoil you for choice. There is a Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok neighbourhood that specializes in women’s clothing as well as accessories.

In addition, every market has its own significance. At the Temple Street Night Market, you can find local food, electronics, and culinary accessories from vibrantly illuminated stalls. Moreover, you will find opera singers and fortune tellers. Don’t miss the Stanley Market – an old fishing village located on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island.

Home décor, jewelry, and multi-coloured souvenirs are available in abundance for you. Make sure you show your bargaining skills to grab a great deal. Know that each market operates on different hours and reaching them is quite convenient.

7. Wong Tai Sin Temple:

One of the most interesting, Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the newest in the city. The original temple, which is located in Kowloon, was a private structure built in 1920. Later, it was replaced with a recent structure that’s built in 1968, which is what travelers see in the present day.

Wong Tai Sin Temple was constructed to honour the Taoist God Wong Tai Sin, whom the locals of town look upon as the spreader of good luck in horse racing. Also, he’s regarded as a healer of various illnesses. There is a festival that’s held each fall at the temple. The complex of the temple is made up of numerous buildings, such as the Good Wish Garden, the Hall of Three Saints, and another hall which is dedicated to Confucious and his 72 disciples.

8. Ocean Park:

Ocean Park catches the attention of many locals and tourists, as it competes for the top spot with Hong Kong Disneyland. A perfect place to take your loved ones to. There’s a lot to check out at the Ocean Park – an aquarium with rays and sharks, a diverse zoo comprising of dolphins and pandas, and the most incredible natural scenery right on the seashore. How about taking a thrilling ride on the roller coaster and enjoying carnival games? Once there, you won’t be able to get over how many attractions Ocean Park boast of. You are definitely going to make the most of your time with your loved ones here.

9. Hong Kong Museum of History:

The Hong Kong Museum of History houses 400 million years of the history of this impeccable town under one roof. This museum entices people from far and wide, and caters to all types of visitors, no matter what the interest. The museum currently exhibits 90,000 historical materials as well as objects. If you want to take a tour of the entire museum, make sure you don’t run short on time. Some say that exploring the museum is great when done on a rainy day. The vast and instructive collection of this museum not only will overwhelm, but wow you. In fact, you could end up being here throughout the day, as it’s really big.

10. Nan Lian Garden:

Are you looking to give your feet some rest after touring all day long? Why not get going to the Nan Lian Garden – a nearly 9 acre public park that’s developed after the style of the Tang Dynasty (ruled from 618AD to 907AD). There are manicured trees, slopping springs, lotus ponds, and Chinese timber architecture.

This garden is currently overseen by the Chi Lin Nunnery, whose place of worship you can find in the garden. The Nunnery is not only free to visit, but also open to the public, albeit photography is not allowed. It is not uncommon to see people praying on site, but you should remain quiet and peaceful here.

Being one of the world’s most outstanding cities, there’s so much in Hong Kong that you may not have it in enough in the first trip. But it’s still worthy of your time you are going to make best use of when exploring all the tourist attractions.

Home to more than 7 million people, Hong Kong takes great pride in being home to 260 islands and numerous skyscrapers than any other city on Earth. It is the most amazing destination in every sense of the word. Don’t you feel overwhelmed? You won’t have a hard time navigating the city, as it is exceptionally easy to do so.

Wander your way between ancient monasteries, innovative light shows, quaint fishing villages, and river cruises. Regardless of you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time or sixth time, you are bound to have the time of your life in a place that’s flocked by millions of tourists every year.

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