15 Best Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought after destinations of the UAE in the Middle Eastern part of the globe.

The UAE is a group or federation of different monarchs who came together to form a country in the year 1971.While Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the federation, it is the city of Dubai, that’s become super famous, super glamorous dazzling feather in the UAE cap.

Today Dubai stands out as a holiday destination, a honeymooner’s cove, a Mice traveller’s coveted choice, a top notch accreditation centre, a shopper’s paradise, an adventure sport enthusiasts dream come true, a night clubber’s wildest fantasy, a food connoisseur’s biggest buffet, an architect’s wonderland, a child’s mind blowing amusement park marvel, and a whole lot more, all rolled into for a one life time of an experience.

This glittering desert city has so much going on that it practically has everything for everyone, with perhaps the only exception of a snow covered mountain range like the Alps, but the lack of it too has been negated by the millionaires of Dubai, who have managed to create a massive sense numbing snow park for skiing amongst the sandy dunes of Dubai.

Talking about Sand dunes, geographically, Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of UAE, such that it lies completely in the heart of the Arabian Desert, and as a desert, the night and day temperature of the city vary quite a lot, however the climate throughout the year ranges from very hot and very sunny in summers to hot and humid in winters. Annual rainfall is super scanty.

Despite, its landscape, climate, Dubai has been moulded in such a manner that today it is a record breaking crowd puller. Out of the total population of Dubai, more than 50% are expats from South East Asian countries, while around a little over 5% expats are from western countries. This has rendered to a cosmopolitan culture in Dubai, which is very tolerant of all other religions.

The city is also considered to be very low in crime rate, because of extremely strict law and order rules and regulations.

The currency used in Dubai is known as Arab Emirate Dirham, which is commonly abbreviated as dirham, or AED, Dhs or DH.

Travel and tourism are the biggest trade sectors of this 21st century city. The investments in this dream destination’s tourist attractions are so high; that it’s a herculean task to single out even the top 100 top places to visit in Dubai, let alone top 10 or 15.

Nevertheless, here it is, the “Don’t miss it for your life- list” for Dubai City.


The first one on this list is the World’s tallest free standing structure called the Burj Khalifa, which is sure to leave you spell bound. Regardless of one’s age, whether you’re a kid, teenager, adult or a senior citizen, this man made miracle is an exemplary combination of human imagination, vision, science and engineering. The astonishing elevator ride of this record breaking skyscraper makes one travel from ground to 124th floor in just 60 seconds. That is the elevator goes 10 meters per second, and is among the fastest in the world. On reaching the 124th floor one is ushered on to the 360 degrees open air deck, to experience the breathtaking view of Dubai. Also this deck is 452 meters (1483 ft) from the ground, and so the breeze or maybe one should say, the wind at this level gushes by very robustly, making it quite an unbelievable unforgettable experience of a life time. This tower houses several residences, offices, and the very luxurious Armani Hotel Dubai, which requires its visitors to observe a dress code. However the rest of the tower has no dress restrictions, and for tickets to visit and for more fun facts of this tower, you may visit https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/


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This mall is the true manifestation of the term “shop till you drop”. Located next to the Burj Khalifa, this mall is spread across an area of more 1 million square meters which is an equivalent to 200 football pitches. With several hundreds of high street fashion stores for fashion lovers, a fashion Avenue, for haute couture fashionistas, a gold souk for one’s jewellery obsessions, and innumerable beverage and eating outlets, this mall has it all. A fairly new addition has been made to this hitherto gigantic space, and that is a 200metre long foot bridge to enable visitors to cross to the new Zabeel extension. Some of the most noteworthy high points of the mall are its Waterfall Wall with Human sculptures, the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo, the Dubai Dino, which serve as a landmark because the mall is so humongous, and it’s so easy to forget which part one has covered, and what remains to be explored. The Dubai Ice Skating Rink, Sega Republic, the Magic Planet, an indoor entertainment centre for kids, children’s ‘edutainment’ concept Kidzania, a massive indoor cinema complex, VR Park – or the Virtual reality park are some of the other key attractions in the Mall, to name a few. For more information you may look up. https://thedubaimall.com.

For those who are averse to shopping, there is the city walk of Dubai, right opposite the mall, in the outdoors.


These musical dancing fountains are a mesmerizing choreographed play of lyrical sound, glowing lights, and swaying, cascading, shooting water sprays spurting out from a whole gamut of fountains installed over an area of 12 hectare (30 acre) in the manmade Burj Lake, outlining the outskirts of the Dubai Mall. A new choreography is animated every time the show is put to play. The show timings range from a half an hour performance at mid day as well as an evening performance every half an hour from 6 pm to 10 pm on weekdays, and from 6 pm to 11 pm on weekends (weekends being Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, in Dubai).A traditional ferry or boat ride on the Burj lake is also feasible here.


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The Dubai Frame is one of the recent additions to the list of impressive structures of Dubai. Its designer rendered it to frame the incredible architectural legacy of Dubai. It is a 150 meter high walk through bridge, made of gold polished steel and aluminium with viewing galleries of see through glass built and secured with reinforced concrete such that it seems to frame the past, present and the future of Dubai.


The usual Desert safari packages of Dubai include, some desert sport like skateboarding, or driving a small sand car, and then heading out to the dunes for dune bashing and sand boarding, which can only be done by a very experienced driver, because on landing upon the dunes where the sand stretches endlessly, it gets very difficult to mark one’s route due to the constantly shifting sand landscape. The up and down ride over the desert dunes is certainly not for the faint hearted. After this one is ushered to the camp site where they have belly dance performances, a few henna tattoo artists and a fairly decent food buffet.

The more costly packages comprise of camel caravans, falcon shows, wild life safaris, and at times an overnight stay at a Bedouin camp, with exotic traditional cuisine, set against a heritage backdrop under the Arabian night sky.

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Atlantis the palm is a water wonderland in one of Dubai’s glitziest addresses. The hotel has lots of awards for its restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and bar. Some of the suites are even under water and offer an amazing view from its windows. The hotels complemented by the record setting water park – Aquaventure that houses some of the state of art water slides and a blood curdling 34 metre tall trident tower. It is all set to become the world’s most thrilling water adventure park. Another very spectacular must visit section of the Atlantis is the world’s largest Aquarium at the Lost Chambers, where you may Surround yourself with sea life in a jaw-dropping walk through. Over 20 marine life exhibits have been set in the aquarium such that one can interact with some of these creatures and even feed them under the guided supervision of an appointed animal expert. One may even touch and feel them by booking a snorkeling, or a diving or Aqua trek session, or else you can merely observe the awe inspiring wonders of the ocean.


One of the most striking buildings of the world, shaped as a sail built on a manmade island of its own. Its name when translated literally means the tower of the Arabs, and it boasts of some of the world’s uber -luxurious suites overlooking the sea, close to nine signature restaurants and a magnanimous world class service spa.. This iconic structure has been adorned with 20,000 square feet of gold leaf and parts of it have been set in marble used in the times of Michael Angelo. Each of its suites has two floors, and a private butler, and the price of this 5 star property can range from 2000 USD to 25000 USD per night.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is very close by to the sail shaped edifice. it is a bazaar set in traditional Middle Eastern style with stalls & restaurants under wooden covered arcade. This quaint outdoor mall offers a mix of stores selling traditional handcrafted and handmade souvenirs and modern eateries with classic charm. One can enjoy a boat ride while admiring the iconic Burj al Arab hotel in the distance.


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More of souks are located near on the banks of the Dubai Creek. Located on the Deira side of Dubai Creek, is the Gold Souk, Meena Bazaar Spice Souk and Perfume Souk are all within walking distance. You can Catch an abra or water taxi for 1AED as its a the short ride to the Textile Souk on the opposite bank in Bur Dubai. The Dubai Museum is also in the vicinity of gold souk. You can learn about the history of Dubai through life size diagrams that depict emirate life from a bygone era. AL SEEF is in the vicinity of the Dubai Creek and its two hundred room heritage hotel offer a taste of what life used to be in the olden times.


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This charming ferry ride can leave your senses imprinted with few cherished memories. This lets you travel aboard a sleek vessel and enjoy the iconic attractions across Old Dubai, and the modern Dubai. Depending on one’s choice of route, you get to board the vessel from Al Ghubaiba or Dubai Marina Water Transport Station. For an astonishing perspective of Dubai’s modern highlights, the most recommended route is Round Trip Dubai Marina. It will journey you across the stunning Palm Jumeirah Islands, allowing you to admire pristine beaches, super classy yachts, glamorous city skyline and architectural gems (such as Burj Al Arab and Atlantis Palm Hotel) along the way. Alternatively, the route from Al Ghubaiba through Dubai water Canal Station to Dubai Marina and vice versa is all inclusive, as it passes you through the timeless structures, souks etc along Ras Area or Old Dubai, before passing through the unrivalled sights across Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

10// Dubai Park & Resorts

This mammoth amusement park is a collection of five parks aligned next to each other, housing the

i) MOTIONGATE DUBAI – Entertainment from Hollywood – DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures and Lionsgate.
ii) BOLLYWOOD PARKS – Entertainment from the Indian Film Industry
iii) LEGOLAND Dubai – mostly kids level entertainment and themed rides
iv) LEGOLAND Water Park – rides with a water theme
v) RIVERLAND DUBAI – Dining and Retail attractions


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This entertainment hub is not really a theme park but more of a showcase of Pavilions from countries around the world who exhibit their culture, cuisine and handicrafts. There is a ride park, restaurants etc. It’s mostly outdoors.


This beach is particularly popular amongst families with kids, as it has fun activities like kite surfing & kayaking. This white sand beach also offers a jogging track & kids’ play areas. It is dotted by several eating joints and food trucks. Another popular beach is the JBR beach from where one can catch a glimpse of the eye of Dubai, a gigantic Ferris wheel, largest in the world.


Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area, created in the Mall of Emirates. Since the temperatures of this ski resort are maintained at a very low -1 degree to 2 degrees Celsius throughout the year, one has to wear gloves and warm clothing while visiting. The activities one can enjoy include the mountain thriller Toboggan, bobsled, zorbing and of course skiing.


It is one of the leading skydiving company in the Emirates – offers visitors, skydivers and skydiving aficionados alike an opportunity to soar high above the mind baffling heights and sights of Dubai. Sky dive Dubai offers two diving options. The beginner’s dive also popular as the ‘Tandem Jump’ is a fall over the picturesque Palm Jumeirah from a height of 13,000 ft, under the safe supervision of an expert instructor, safely attached by a harness to the diver. A trained person with the camera follows the entire journey so as to record every second of the experience. The second is a more advanced ‘Accelerated Free Fall’, over the golden sand dunes of ‘The Desert Campus’, approximately 35 km from the city. This venue hosts the Skydive Flight School for those wishing to enroll in a skydiving training programme and eventually learn to sky dive independently.

15// X LINE

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This facility is an expansive, 16-degree zip line ride zooming through towering heights of Dubai’s tallest structures and over the marina Its based out of the Dubai Marina Mall. After a go at this heart pacing sport, one can browse the stores in the Dubai Marina Mall, and then head out for a luxurious dinner cruise in the night from the Dubai Marina pier.

With the Dubai Expo on its anvil in October 2020, unimaginable futuristic projects will be opening their gateways to the next gen traveller. The Museum of the Future, the Cityland Mall, The Bluewaters Island, Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai Harbour, Marsa Al Arab, MBR City – District One, the floating train are a few of the projects that will be unravelled in the near future., which are bound to change face of the globe with unparallel feats of human imagination, vision and knowledge.

It’s only a matter of time when time travel will be just another tourist attractions in Dubai this ultra modern metropolis.

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