10 Best things to Do in De Queen (Arkansas)

Best things to Do in De Queen (Arkansas)

De Queen is a tower of about 7,000 inhabitants in southwest Arkansas, Sevier County, near neighboring Oklahoma. It is close to a variety of lakes, rivers, and national areas that draw outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers year-round to enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, and photography of wildlife.

Although De Queen is surrounded in a rural part of the state with big urban areas such as Van Buren, Little Rock, and Texarkana. In one or two-day sightseeing, even towns such as Dallas, Texas, and Shreveport in Louisiana are nearby enough.

Wondering what are the 10 Best Things to Do In De Queen Rock? Read This!

1. DeSoto Bluff Trail

Arkansas is loaded with natural wonders, so visiting the DeSoto Bluff Trail in the nearby Arkadelphia will be an ideal way for those who want to stretch their legs so burn even more calories without spending hours in the car. It’s just mildly hard to get to the cliff, but if it rains, it can get slippery and dangerous.

You won’t overlook the panoramic view of the river far below, but you will be mindful of the warning signs to get too close. On North 10th Street is the trailhead and has ample parking space. Historic markers are also on the way.

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2. Perot Theatre

The Pero Theatre was built in 1924 and underwent a major renovation of its roots in the 80s on the intersection of 3rd and Main Streets in Texarkana. Since the start, it has been a local icon and now is known for the famous businessman, H. Butt. Ross.

Film and live events are combined in the theatre. It is much more cozy and intimate space, because of its size than the newly constructed larger theatres. It provides everything for everyone from film to live theatre and music, and shockingly cheap tickets.

3. Museum of Regional History

The Regional History Museum covers such diverse subjects as women’s issues, wars, pioneering and Native American history, and culture and even music, with a wide variety of exhibits. Founded in 1971, it is located in an old office building of the insurance company, which was constructed almost 90 years previously.

A few of the most admired displays of the Museum are concerned with Caddo Indian pottery and artifacts that have called the area home for millennia, and European settlers have used weapons, clothing, and equipment almost two centuries ago.

There’s also a piano from Scott Joplin, so if you have the time, turn around for an hour.

4. Crater of Diamonds

Crater of Diamonds
Source: Kristi Blokhin / shutterstock

A ride to Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro would be a perfect way to spend a day if you were looking for a truly unforgettable experience and don’t have to spend an hour or two in a car. The cost of entry is very fair considering that you have a chance of making it good. Do not worry, it is not too difficult and resources are available to rent or purchase for those without any knowledge or experience.

There is also a waterpark next door to the summer diamond field and a cool gift shop on the premises. Recall that electrical or motorized tools are not permitted.

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5. Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers Bend State Park
Source: Silvio Ligutti / shutterstock

Southwest Arkansas is relatively close to many borders to provide great opportunities for day trips. The Beavers Bend State Park offers many natural beauty, amenities, and activities that make it a good place to spend one or two days in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The beavers are located nearby.

In the summer, hiking, zip-lining, fishing, and boating are the most common and not uncommon activities, particularly in the low light conditions in the morning and evening, such as deer, owls, and foxes.

The site and the water of the lake are the cleanest they have ever seen, according to past travelers.

6. Forest Heritage Centre

A short side tour to the Forest Heritage Centre is a great way to break things up for those who have decided to take the road and visit the Beavers Bend, State Park. A permanent collection of equipment, weapons, literature, and historical records concerning the pioneer and the land of the forest heritage center is displayed at the Forest Heritage Centre.

The indigenous American communities, which called the land home for centuries before it was settled, are still relatively high. The museum has large dioramas with historic posters, and children who can marvel at their exceptionally exact and lifelike details are especially fascinating.

7. 1894 Gallery

The Gallery is one of the areas’ finest collection of Southern art, which includes paintings, wood carvings, bronze sculptures which craft glass. It is located inside the City Market Historic building on Olive Street in Texarkana. It was once a retail site, but its redevelopment created a perfectly open and modern space for a gallery like this.

While many of these pieces are not inexpensive, they are all one-off and mostly created by local and regional artists. The gallery also has a gift shop. When you’ve filled the great outdoors, it’s a perfect place to visit.

8. Donald W. Reynolds Science center and Planetarium

To anyone looking to take a guided tour of the universe, the Donald W. Reynolds Science Centre and Planetarium are a must-visit destination at Henderson State University campus in Arkadelphia. The science center and planetarium are engaged and enlightened for curious minds both young and old. When the weather is less than pleasant it is particularly good to visit.

Most of the programs at this center are targeted at children, and enrolment is very inexpensive, all of them being free. The main entrance to the University is on Henderson Street and visitor parking is plenty of space.

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9. State Line Post Office and Federal Building

State Line Post Office and Federal Building
Source: K.Woolf / shutterstock

The post office is rumored to be the second most frequently-pictured postal office on the line between Texas and Arkansas. They perhaps employed hidden counters in all post offices in the country to track the assertion, but whatever the case, it is a remarkable part of local history that is worthy of recognition. The State Line Post Office and the Federal Building in Texarkana.

The center near the post office is packed with old buildings and in many ways is like a massive retrogress. This is on North State Line Road and is close to many sights.

10. Ace of Clubs house

While the Ace of Clubs House is also sometimes called the Draughon-Moore House, it has a more friendly name. Because the initial owner got the cash to buy the estate and build the building in a card game in which the clubs as the winning card was built in the 1880s, it was reported to have its name.

The house is known for its iconic tower and its spiraling staircase. There are guided tours available and there is plenty of furniture, art, and homeware that is considered posh following day standards.

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