Whether you are seeking for a romantic holiday plan, family vacation or a trip to have fun with your friends; beaches in India are the perfect destination to have some quality time. India has a multitude of beaches that can make your romantic trip a lengthy affair where you can play, relax and have some cosy time being at your hotel. These beaches have lots of romantic things to make your love keep blooming and keep you busy throughout your holiday.

Best for Tourists

The beaches offer the scenic views that you would relish on the beach side and capture those intimate moments to cherish forever. These beaches have numerous tourism activities that you can find pleasure in are snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, underwater sea walk, jet skiing and a lot more. India has the prettiest series of islands with beaches that are isolated and have picturesque scenes that include the following beaches.

● Havelock Beach
● Calangute beach
● Baga beach
● Om beach
● half-moon beach

State-of-the-art Luxury

If you are looking for a luxury destination for a honeymoon vacation these beaches will never disappoint you. They boast sightseeing, exotic facilities, unmatched accommodation and amenities. Plan your tour for countless delightful things that you can try at these beaches and some of which are the following.

● Take pictures that tell the story of your perfect vacation.
● Indulge in plenty of new activities that you might ‘be never experienced before.
● Recreational activities and spend leisure time by basking in the sun.
● Take a walk close to the very nature and in the forested area.

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