5 Incredible And Splendours Place in Visit in The City of Love ‘Agra’

The city of Agra mostly known for magical Taj Mahal is the pride of the Indian nation as the home of one of the Seven Wonders in the World. Some denote the city as ‘city of Love’, ‘Historical city of India’, ‘Lonely Planet’, and many more. The city has a lot to offer than just the gigantic Taj meaning ‘Pride’. It is located in the riverbank of Yamuna and extremely popular for sweet dish ‘Petha’, monuments, tombs for the beauty of stories and shrines, etc. dedicated to love and kingdom. Most ethnic carved handicrafts, delicious food, and sprawling landscaped gardens are found in the corner the city making the most attractive destination. This beautiful city of ancient wonders and historical monuments is the most visited tourist place in India with visitors from around the world. But, you would definitely regret if your visit is limited only to Taj Mahal and miss the equally enormous tombs and forts. Are you Shopoholic and interest in collecting antique and ethnic items, then you won’t find a better destination than Agra from marble inlay pieces, carpets, rugs, shoes, etc.

Places that you Cannot Effort to miss in Agra

1. Majestic Taj Mahal

India’s pride ‘Taj Mahal’ with a truly incredible sight to explore and interesting essence of love to feel. An immense tomb of white marble was built between 1631 and 1648 by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is the jewel of Muslim art and one of the world most admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage with visitors of more than 7 million yearly. The Incredible tomb of Marble ‘Taj Mahal’ is a network of buildings and gardens, the view making one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Today, the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it lasts to hold the same magical appeal from sunrise to sunset, view, garden, marble, beauty, etc.

2. Yet another feather in the cap is ‘Agra Fort’:

People mostly has a misconception that Agra Fort was made Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in early 17 century but in reality, Agra Fort was constructed by the Rajput king before Mughal emperor came into power using brick fort. Later, Akbar great king of Mughal dynasty renovated using red sandstone and shaped by Shah Jahan. It’s more of a walled city than an actual fort and was used as the capital of the Mughal Dynasty until it was relocated to Delhi. Mughal fort is one of the finest forts in India with the grandeur of gratitude and pride represents power, grandiosity, and dynasty. Agra fort was initially begun by Akbar in 1565 as a military structure and in later years Shah Jhan transformed into a palace. Some of the most iconic structures in Mughal history fort are Shish Mahal (Mirror Palace), Diwan-e-Khas (Hall of private audiences), and Diwan-e-aam (Hall of the general audience). The Amar Singh gate was built to confuse attackers with its dogleg design, is now the sole point of entry to the fort. Still, the beauty of the gigantic walls is a remarkable sight and certainly one that needs to be visited.

3. The second Taj Mahal, ‘Mehtab Bagh’:

Mehtab Bagh is constructed opposite to the Taj Mahal is a char-bagh (four gardens) that is measured the decisive viewing point of the splendid marble mausoleum. The garden is exposed from sunrise to sunset and is known as photographer’s haven with a gorgeous backdrop. There are 3 entries to the Taj Mahal: the west, east and south. The north is employed by Mehtab Bagh, the site of a second Taj Mahal. Today, only the unbuilt 2nd Taj Mahal foundation remains, but its scenic beauty along with views of the Taj Mahal has attracted tourist from around the world.

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4. Ethnic dish of Agra ‘Petha’:

Trip to Agra is incomplete without digging the taste of mouth-mothering petha that is found in the knock and corner of the city. Petha is a delicious Indian dessert that’s popular in Agra. This sweet whitish soft dish is one of the most affordable desserts for an Indian people till the 90s. Agra is the best place to try Petha and Panchi is Petha brand, you would see almost in every corner of the city. Its unfading popularity, that Petha has a background in Indian history. With time, many variations of Petha is sold the market catering the demand and changing palate of the patrons.

5. The Largest Shoe-Manufacturing Hub:

Agra is the leading footwear manufacturing hub in India, contributing 65% of the total domestic consumption and having an enormous 28% share of the total footwear export from India. In domestic units, manufacturers use 100% of native leather and original product. The footwear of various unique design, style, ethnic touch making it worth purchasing the flaunting the shoe in any kind of fashion. Anyone visiting Agra must visit the market an explore the unique footwear fashionable shoe, being one of the most popular attractions for tourist.

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Why Agra is must to be in the list of your Holiday destination chart?

I believe, before we explore places outside India, we should explore the majestic beauty of our own country having historic, cultural, and scenic beauty. And, Agra should be in the top list being one of the seven wonders of world and India’s most popular tourist destinations. Agra holds the essence of the historic importance of our ancestors and the ruling dynasty their love, power, love, architectural wonders, etc. Each site has an immensely interesting hidden story of its own that teaches a special experience altogether. You would find a tourist guide in each tourist spot to narrate the story in a more interesting and beautiful way to make the experience even more wonderful. This is just the five most visited places, however, you can explore more beautiful places in the Agra city. This spectacular landmark is every bit as unbelievable as you’ve imagined. Agra boasts 2 kindhearted wildlife projects (the Elephant Conservation and Care Center and the Agra Bear Rescue Center) that welcome both local and foreign tourists to explore some of India’s most adored creatures.

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